Forbes' Most Overpaid Actors

For the second year in a row, Adam Sandler tops Forbes' list of "Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood."
3:35 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Forbes' Most Overpaid Actors
Welcome back everybody and it is my first. Skinny they always remembering. So let's get to it I had an ethical correctness when our with a list no Hollywood actor want to be on it is the annual Forbes list of the most. Overpaid actors in this got a familiar things in a kind of redundant vulnerable. Fifteen a lot of money and Adam Sandler tops the list. For the second year in the round. To compile a list Forbes looks at an actor's last three movies calculates what they were paid and what the movie errant it's not subjective and minis numbers for this. Sandler once again offering the least return and earning the most in second place was Johnny Depp. Who yet he's had some blockbuster hits but also some recent flops many of them can you quick can you name five good Johnny Depp movies. Well not from the past year now and I like my practice and doesn't get. I'm Ben Stiller and insular reserve. This is like the of the watch and tower heights. Get him included on that list right way I think they're laughing all the way to the bank SAR is still making good money. And next step the confirmation of the break up of all longtime Hollywood couple actress. Had an opponent cartel and director Tim Burton and called it quits. OK so technically they were never married but they were together for thirteen years. During which they had two children they say they plan on co parenting their son. And younger daughter Burton and Bonham Carter met while working together on planet of the apes take teamed up. For the remake of Charlie and the chocolate factory and the 2010 blockbuster. Allison went on top together in Hollywood that is tougher to live together clearly. An investment in nine movies together sell out. They have on a brighter note the boys of entourage are coming back on Iraq trailer for their upcoming movie dropped yesterday. It is an early Christmas present for the fans of the former HBO series that's. Good to see the guys back all the regulars from Vince to eat eternal and Johnny got of course RE two. Things like other going to be some money issues involved. Are you upset. Upset I gave you a hundred million dollars you're fifteen million over new agreed to not go over you can keep that I couldn't direct unless we agreed. Ago. A base in the trailer seems to indicate that our he hasn't Mountain Lion that bit. Despite now being a studio had the Opteron movie hits theaters on June 5. So good to see Ari back in history to see them back and let's hope there's no plot to North Korea we will see this movie after. Threw out some big movie news as well have now pictures as build what is. And it needed biggest opening directing job out there yet a studio has picked Justin Lin to direct Star Trek three. He by the way is a filmmaker who's given credit for reviving the fast and the furious. Action series the first two installments of the current Star Trek franchise were directed by JJ Abrams those are huge shoes to fill those are reeling it in my thinking in. He's now directing though the upcoming Star Wars movie. JJ Abrams is so you know Lindsay in. Out the Star Trek films in the past and breast more than 840 million dollars worldwide. Amazing that's reboot I tell it hit to hasn't a lightning really love those Star Trek movie that's no small feat by. Picketers or not back. When it's really good but that's got to be really good and he's deathly that the film I think it's not supposed to be good that's why we love it ahead.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"For the second year in a row, Adam Sandler tops Forbes' list of \"Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27820202","title":"Forbes' Most Overpaid Actors","url":"/WNN/video/skinny-forbes-overpaid-actors-27820202"}