'The Sopranos' Named Best-Written TV Show

The Writers Guild of America names the mafia drama as the best-written TV show of all time.
3:00 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Sopranos' Named Best-Written TV Show
Even in my again. -- -- -- -- Anyway my -- -- nice. Has told -- who told you that -- and thinking house on the Atlanta. Missing police coming. Isn't going to happen to me. So you've never seen that puts a lot of blood available little hole for the Clinton -- -- -- a -- 151000 dollars in her brand him when he finally -- -- bargain hunting brings to rank the wish that business anybody issue. Hello takes the products you. I think that it's gonna Waste Management. It's been the number one best in show according to a new list from the Writers Guild of America -- -- is costs are likely to check out the rest of them at least the top spot -- films comes in at number two by another context the way they always sell -- -- -- came back to the theme was just amazing and Twilight Zone checks and it. Number three totally classic. All of Lincoln's inn and number four on the family really really sweet story about this Stanley -- -- always together. Archie Bunker wasn't so sweet and down and Nash comes in at number -- how -- you get a favorite double -- him I didn't favorite English -- actually the top five but it's definitely in the top -- it is the wire one of those who. Vast -- shows OK I'm an Iraq I don't know but I don't mind isn't on. This is not on anymore he -- remaining 5 -- seasons and it's about. And drugs in the streets and police that trying chasing down and how to deal with -- and the relationships between the police officers and -- drug lords and it's just so intricate and deep and the layers upon layers. Hey it's impossible to to just watch one episode is all about the Simpsons has to be on the list that much -- -- That is something clever show. -- was taken on clever for another one homer put together that barbecue go quietly. My heart up like everywhere I really haven't quite gotten -- my conduct my hand we want to know what you think. We want you to tell us that's right we want to now what do you think is the best -- TV show of all time. He can let us -- by logging on her FaceBook page WN and -- dot com.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Writers Guild of America names the mafia drama as the best-written TV show of all time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19327647","title":"'The Sopranos' Named Best-Written TV Show","url":"/WNN/video/sopranos-named-best-written-tv-show-19327647"}