Spin Magazine issues 1st list of 'music pardons'

ABC News' Will Ganss reports on who they've decided to forgive for musical missteps.
2:32 | 03/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spin Magazine issues 1st list of 'music pardons'
But it looks it. Ear worm now own a tune or part of a song that repeats in one's mind. That's according to dictionary.com. It looks sometimes those crazy catchy songs are also an awful. What companies have bought half flop types spin is announcing its first ever list of music hardens. First up. Starship we built this city. It's been says quote this is still one of the worst song of all time but they're letting eighties by guns be eighties by God's. And another eighties out G Eddie Murphy's party all the time. He's getting their party nonetheless. And so is David Hasselhoff. The publication saying quote. His music is if not a crime against humanity at least a serious misdemeanor. And speaking of crimes against humanity the bullet heard around the world is making its list of worst songs worth forgiving. And forty years after Spain called Katy Perry's witnessed a spectacular. Failure. They're ready to issue clemency saying it didn't deserve. All of that scored received. Finally in honor of his ninetieth birthday William Shatner is also getting the music part in from Spain. Even more reason to Jay about few. Our favorite feels Shatner bop have a little fun Bidwell. We're they're gunning down. Hello World. For the bullets did music part in Spain's article is out later this morning that's been dot com by the way to get some of those ear worms out of your head researcher suggests listening to the song all the way through. Listening to a difference on that you like better or chewing gum which works for some reason. The low and I signed a broken record here I. Well you look first name a song that you would put on that list oh and neat demonized how the alarm OK you're about forty got out. If I'm being. Normal that I did say I blue dot buddy down but many grenade bite through Nomar. I now look at that I love all songs including the one that run that led.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss reports on who they've decided to forgive for musical missteps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76702492","title":"Spin Magazine issues 1st list of 'music pardons'","url":"/WNN/video/spin-magazine-issues-1st-list-music-pardons-76702492"}