Spring Cleaning Tips

The expert behind the website ASlobComesClean.com, Dana K. White, gives suggestions on the best ways to clean and get rid of the junk in your home.
4:49 | 04/05/16

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Transcript for Spring Cleaning Tips
Preceding check spring is here and if you haven't finished or perhaps. Even started your spring cleaning fear not we've got someone who can help. He's not gonna do the cleaning for you but Dana White is scared to distance out her top cleaning tips to thousands at a slob comes clean dot com. If she's here with their expert advice so beyond calling a whole cleaning crew. Brecht would ouija. Well I am all about reality based OK and organizing and the reality is that spring cleaning energy is or real thing. But it doesn't last forever it up and it disappears quickly sometimes there is talk about ways to. Tackle the masts before the energy before letters you goes oh that's right okay. So first thing. Just look around your house and think of ways that you can use the things you already have in different ways okay. So like if you have a spot cleaner this is the reg Dr. portable spot cleaner that's when I've had for years I is that all the time for. Pet messes and hit masses buy it when it starts freak paying I think OK I can use it for. Cleaning my upholstery. Clear my car. Decorative tell our all the different attachments that you kind of just ignored over the years sell back to seize it for different. Yes I parts of cost kinds of different things and then you can rent a wreck doctor at your church restore if you wanted to tackle the deep cleaning. This weekend's at this before that energy leads you next week I better get up something apple so I left cleaning products but you can clean. Pretty much your whole bathroom with dish set. Really jets get yourself a scrap these plans when has the script resurface on a hunt. In your pride and want and non scratch when a lot of bathroom surfaces scratched. Why can't just so. I'm telling you it's amazing what you can do with dish set if you look just poured it on the air and get describing you'll be shocked and amazed even the toilet. Well. Now okay trip. It is. Sorted in their agreement but but as far as your surface is you wanna start at the top certainly can honored at all that that. My one major tent it's used these things in the back turn. Label it back drama. Markers so that nobody use the kitchen one for the batted in and a Kazan in you don't want your kids to be. Extra helpful and he is something you use of the after advocates and I'd like to make it very very clear nobody can misunderstand and that won't wipe. Right exactly right now if you have cleaned it after him yet you want to feel like you've cleaned up earlier on I am right actually OK so. When you're done and take a little bit of your favorite cleaner but a percent Smith she think clean. Pour it in your toilet bowl toilet brass holder. That's my idea yes and that's gonna give you that sense but it's also did he give you extra cleaning power when you do a quick scrap at your toilet. If you have kids though you don't want to use cleaning products right OK you don't have them out where they be accessible to them so. Experts and disciplined parent or hand soap or vinegar or whatever you have okay but that gives you an extra little Bass Strait there. Always always always ask yourself could this on the dishwasher. In case exists now cannot that eyewitness can't I don't know that would be super earth. I'm. Things like your toothbrush holder OK hey you know this disease get super nasty and you want to. You know you might be discredit whatever you be describe it just you and your actual structure if it's just rushers than what about it. This is like decorative glassware that you have in your kitchen can go in the destroy us are if it's dishwasher safe. Find a way to sicken in the dishwasher because this is way easier than scrap and France are. OK if you are out of paper town also worry about it UK you can use newspapers to clean your windows or you can find that T shirt that somebody in your groceries like my old T shirts. I don't you wish somebody vapors can uttered an apple lately yes it would that's about a pay that is. About to cluttering because there are people. You can't even think about cleaning because I need to get rid of the clatter yet you know finance surfaces so I am big on. If you know where to start serving the trash bag. Get a black trash people who write fake if you'll just got through and look for trash for broken stuff for things that are obviously they need to go. I saw and axe from the eighties and I love. You know you do you don't judge a pay here. The you can doubted that somebody would repay hunt. We're just don't abstracts are and that will build a man sent and you'll be able to clutter more all great tips yes they appreciated Dana's blah by the way again. A slob comes clean dot com Dana thank you so much. For being here with.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The expert behind the website ASlobComesClean.com, Dana K. White, gives suggestions on the best ways to clean and get rid of the junk in your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38156940","title":"Spring Cleaning Tips","url":"/WNN/video/spring-cleaning-tips-38156940"}