'Star Wars' Casts Two Newcomers

Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen join the cast for "Star Wars: Episode VII."
2:13 | 07/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Star Wars' Casts Two Newcomers
Now this -- topping this morning's headlines just stay movie -- notorious bad boy had his day in court today in South Florida on drunk driving charges stemming from that. Arrest nearly six months ago in Miami gets a hearing for a plea bargain but that's not -- His on again off again affair with a Selena Gomez is now apparently off. Apparently she reportedly told the trouble started get lost on the fourth of July 20 year old then decided to go to Miami and party with. Schools in the state where the legal drinking age is 21 to let -- -- -- that old thing Matheson. Usually she keeps coming back yeah -- -- -- in the kiddo -- day though it was just a government. What is like the Rihanna Chris Riley Keith Thorpe Hackett and it's fun it's exciting thing is the -- I like that you're an expert in his -- -- -- -- expert and than who are smooth with the latest. No not so much. Perhaps they directors here had. Next to some good news for a couple rising stars the cast four Star Wars present seven produced by a parent company Disney just -- -- two crystal Clark. And -- -- said. The unknowns Christa Clark an American is currently studying drama and the Scottish city of Glasgow. -- Anderson -- British has recently appeared in the Sony ad for Superman. And the two were picked from starting from can believe it 67000. Hopefuls how to -- At an open audition last November. There's a very special anniversary also. A classic American yes exactly exactly 25. Years ago this weekend Sein -- The show billed as being about nothing made its debut and living rooms across America. We went back to my place he Eddie Eddie and I never heard from them against. What are you. There's anything wrong. -- until trivia in an early draft George's name was Bennett Jerry's puffy shirt now lives at the Smithsonian and how many times it Jerry's say hello load you read it believe it or not just fifteen the show ran for nine seasons great Ben. That doesn't work for him on the not an exceptionally -- -- and we've also been reporting on that stunning upset at the Wimbledon men's finals this weekend yeah Walt Novak Djokovic. Defeated Roger Federer another show what was going on in the stands it was the it was a celebrities whose suit turning out an actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsie pat scale but -- that right attacking. And of course you David and Victoria Beckham I was loved watching she's wearing -- she's gorgeous Orlando Bloom was also there and -- -- -- and how could we ever forget France Italy and in K minus of course prince George. Star studded yeah it's leading -- celebrities let's check out who's up blowing out candles today so having never been. Topping out birthday celebration this morning a longtime -- Carson bandleader -- -- and send turns 87 Ringo Starr who turns 74. Figure skater Michelle Kwan turned 34. And men are still actor Dylan -- very turned sixteen. Sweet sixteen happy birthday if you want an all that's nice -- it.

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{"id":24448868,"title":"'Star Wars' Casts Two Newcomers","duration":"2:13","description":"Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen join the cast for \"Star Wars: Episode VII.\" ","url":"/WNN/video/star-wars-casts-newcomers-24448868","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}