Even a Steel House can be a Home

Check out these homes made from recycled steel shipping containers.
3:36 | 08/07/14

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Transcript for Even a Steel House can be a Home
Well this morning we're hearing about making a very different kind of place your home. That's right -- house of bricks or water even concrete block but -- house of steel that's a city kind of steel recycled. Shipping containers coming soon to a neighborhood near you. News imagine -- 84 tons of Chinese steel moved in next to your house. Just going to be an apartment building yes -- -- -- apartment. While -- got. Did you hear what they're putting up this -- Shipping container that's right shipping containers that once carried everything from bananas to iPad to cross oceans now making waves in -- -- part of the nation's capital. Construction crews are roaring down the eighteenth and final shipping container that six tons of steel -- become somebody's apartment. You'll reach 44 bedroom -- four floors each its own rental units. Use your imagination to -- floor to ceiling windows natural wood interiors and -- common room in the middle for dining and relaxing. Before their complete the building is fully leased people clamoring for the chance to move in next. At this thing really stands out here on the block exit these historic. Old northeast DC homes. Oh intentionally stuff and I think that's so wonderful. Observation because it's not an ice over -- that the eye of the beholder of course. So here you have the nineteenth century and the twentieth century newspapers entry greeting each -- -- new neighbors. Some neighbors are less than thrilled critics around the world of pain and container building is ugly -- looks okay I'll be okay with it. They can also be expensive to make -- livable with those giant cranes welding to open windows cleaned of toxic paint -- -- the insides. Of course this smells. One of the containers in women's don't like garlic because this incident. Garlic granules and -- I mean it -- it varies you know and some neat if I don't wanna know addition. Still there's something strangely appealing about living in a box for containers to effect on -- From the stylish here's San Antonio to the whole week in Tulsa eye catching -- appeal. The Daniel Williams of North Carolina -- -- there's with the help of donations online crowd -- home three year old so lay there waiting in her new living room. I think that's a more modern -- that people are craving -- important people want to keep something different seasons at around forever. There sturdy and plentiful tens of thousands of these shipping containers are piled up and -- all over the nation. Just waiting to be plucked up. Transformed into the home of your dreams. Now which of those containers costs about 2000 dollars used but there's some real debate about how much cheaper it is actually -- with them. Because you have to do all that work to move the men and modify them and the smell of garlic and -- the shipping -- and that it may get over that paint but. How does it cost to rent one of these both these guys don't actually won't actually tell us how much the monthly rent is but only that it's reasonable for the area but it does seem to be that the bigger selling point here -- is. The concept this is -- Each floor as its own unit -- group unit six bedrooms and took -- on that bathroom for young professionals like these two Thirtysomething guys that are developing the area here. It look like family to get or like your fresh. In year again which I've always and I read live a little bit in the -- you can't. That the IQ a different week meeting. Not for me -- -- -- I don't we wouldn't do with me for a week we -- not like the smell of garlic. You know -- UN -- -- and help in Affleck reckon we can build the group home right here. -- -- like look at for three more people to join us -- -- did concede tweet us have to --

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Check out these homes made from recycled steel shipping containers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"24875347","title":"Even a Steel House can be a Home","url":"/WNN/video/steel-house-home-24875347"}