Stephen Colbert's Final Report

The final episode of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central was full of hilarious, off-the-wall moments.
3:17 | 12/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stephen Colbert's Final Report
I have found the sake about the Kobe evercore on comics are throw as you can imagine spilled plenty of funny off the wall moment Steve go bare. State shooting this thing wish Vick but he didn't end up killing off that Alter ego. Get until the grim reaper going over the top. As as an immortal and cold air also gave us a perspective while looking back on some of these accomplishments. Because the truth Venus is all those incredible things people say I did running for president. Saving the Olympics pulled their super pac treadmill in space rallying to restore sanity and or. Cat Stevens career none of that. None of that was really me. You the nation did all of that. I just got paid for. Apply at bottom over the testament to the show's legacy started with Jon Jon Stewart cold air was joined by pretty much every famous person imaginable to saying. We'll meet again. Tag of about Randy Newman on the piano with a who's who of entertainment and politics. On the stage. Say goodbye so rare disease that no portion of the late show. Unthinkable for David Letterman on CBS that's happening early next to you. But the. I part of efforts to. Apple's Tim Cook made headlines recently becoming the first openly gay CEO of fortune 500 company part of his decision. To come out publicly with the help other gay Americans. And a sizable charity donation proves he's walk in the top. That is Human Rights Campaign announced that could contribute a quote substantial donation wouldn't disclose though exactly what the amount was. Daddy will be used for project one American effort to build acceptance. In his native Alabama Mississippi and my home state of war. Until and in a heartfelt memo thanking his employees cook noted that as a company apple donated twenty million dollars this quarter. To project read that to campaign to fight aids in Africa. Get ready to signal on the school rock musical is coming to Broadway and the 2003 hit movie about a toilet and substitute teacher related students will be set the stage and premier by Christmas next. You know levels might be hoping that we roll goes to of course the movie's star Jack Black the guessing we'll musical has not yet been announced the show will feature. Original music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The book we'll be revised down and happy creator and Julian Phillips okay. Stay Glenn Slater of the reports on sister act we'll also write the lyrics about business I was a good. North of people working office. Couldn't imagine this this is not what I would sail from the important thing going to stayed booed loud music that makes it down and check. Doesn't George Clooney visited the set of downs are happy to film a special. Four I teens text Santa telethon. Dead to promote its why not do it day to still be. There is. With the cast and period garb Smartphone would be been out of place those looks like they. That somebody else maybe or something else look at that thing even good and that is fitting with the sit there look at with a fantastic city Christmas card Patrick had gotten married. That especially charity event airs tonight at New Britain.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The final episode of \"The Colbert Report\" on Comedy Central was full of hilarious, off-the-wall moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27712151","title":"Stephen Colbert's Final Report","url":"/WNN/video/stephen-colberts-final-report-27712151"}