Summer skin care

ABC News' Will Ganss sits down with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to discuss the best ways to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays this summer.
4:17 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Summer skin care
Summer. Season to hand until you're bronzed up they watch me and you. A well what air and dust just get a little sun it's a gorgeous day yeah well I I love that your getting your Cologne line but. Even few things to discuss so. Come with me head over for a little poolside chat OK he's in trouble with his dermatologist. Come felony. Meet doctor witty though the celebrity dermatologist making sure fun in the sun doesn't turn in take getting fried on the outside. Although I love the song I love the outdoors and I'm also littered with obvious problem moms so. He's got to think about being Smart first up doctor he shining a light on some Summers gave its conception. First of all what are the biggest mistakes you see people making where they had outside in the middle of summer. The first popular re apply there something ultimately put on in the morning actually after re apply every two hours if you're in his dry. Or even more frequently say here slamming your ladder planning. Next up don't be led astray by the spring. The only way that the stories work. Is that his first spring and then you have to rub it in. Because when you just bring this thing and detonate the large parts of the body number three your sunscreen didn't go bad if it's not stored correctly. They thrown in the ad you throw it on your tal all you leave it in the car. And those sunscreen ingredients are baking in that he and they're breaking down and near dean featuring so hey they're not affected any. Mark another summer sun superstitions. A major man is that if you let's get a color if you have you know a dark complexion you probably don't need to use sunscreen or sun protection. And that it's just not true so actually study show the people with. Dark skin complexion and dark tones specifically African American scan. It's actually more likely to be diagnosed with melanoma in the leaders ages. Luckily doctor Bo has some options for everyone Summers gave ideas to keep in mind in addition to the typical sunscreen routine. First up clothing with the UPS for ultraviolet protection. That is now Baffert sent back at acts. We'll look for you. Plus patented back African I think you know average rates adding. Actually locked out laying people person and UK and you will be raised so anywhere they. What is covered by fabric. Lesson they'll have to play offense in the summit exploding it's actually pretty stylist who wouldn't swap the suns British cover up from scandal. Next we go from outerwear to protection from the inside out. But studies show that Nikki can might it's a form of vitamin C for re. It can actually significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer it is changing so this is the formulation Aric amendment Haitians consular care advanced you can this order it online. He basically told best in the morning when your fat instead of sun screen. But if you're applying your sun screen and you take this on top of that it can dramatically reduce your risk of getting all that damage you know from the sun. Let's just say you forget to take your Helio care or you didn't real plot your sunscreen. Flawlessly in the sign. Went through many margaritas it's happening and it never hit me. Not Everton me no way let's say you do get a little bit of bumper. What are our options if you don't have aloe on hand doctor those surprising solution. Is now we all have milk and are re. So I have just cold milk here you pretty can mix it with some ice he and he just putting an end Cagle watched pot. And they need just yet that. Nathan covered with an elk. And wring it out. And they need to reap the Nell. On to you to very cooling so it basically draws out the heat from the burn. It also leaves a little film. Healthy fats and proteins that really help to promote and speed the wound healing process for a son are actually very healthy. Healthy happy just like me after my skin and the suns 101 class course. From doctor Bo. My job here. Have a great summer.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"ABC News' Will Ganss sits down with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to discuss the best ways to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"63860721","title":"Summer skin care","url":"/WNN/video/summer-skin-care-63860721"}