Summer Toys Promote Writing and Riding

Laurie Schacht with plenty of items for kids to feel cool and have fun this summer.
4:11 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Summer Toys Promote Writing and Riding
Welcome back now it's finally beginning to feel like summer kids across the country will soon be on vacation is time to go outside. And play. A toy insider mom or Shaq is here this morning with some of the coolest summer on -- -- these really are cool. They've really cool that we're and it can't hit and what I think everyone can agree on our we have little -- -- wait. Starting with our littlest ones -- know this. Our Polaris blacks -- 188 it's nice and rugged it's -- looks tyranny yes I'm skills Arnold -- -- no doubt taking theory. It happened. Freezes in towns and volume control not tastes and we have this is -- Fisher Price that -- right to speak to this. Two and one kid to grow -- so of course we have this could -- Cool that Nancy and got -- -- bad at bat caves and win the backing. But with one point police with what -- -- sort of -- they're ready for another phase now and Spooner bring it to life. Go -- girls love and I know I have three of them to -- reason hidden notes -- is now a letter I dairy. Butterfly surprise diary in the -- is a little hidden compartment. We have replaced for a little butterfly notes. Mind what we do together don't know I don't -- more delegate strength of Australia got to -- -- and look to -- for a -- time. OK can I might get a -- open it up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was like it all. -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- nice -- -- everybody loves the water balloons and this is nothing better than a great would have -- absolutely and how much time have you spent. We tying your client current or the ring brings -- and on the little look at the loss that you have nothing it's time. We blow our -- And if you look at these balloons and I think it's -- you -- so you just kind of squeeze water going into don't come out Sunday to turn it upside and just getting it here. It's just to pinch in the Galveston the annual -- trouble. -- all kinds of trouble the water balloons -- speaking and speaking of water because we love what are the -- gathered yesterday up. Speaking of what we're gonna Columbia -- teenage mutant ninja turtle -- hop star asks viewers and I -- Sox and I sort. And musically could take visited -- -- -- -- -- you just didn't want SARS like a bucket of water. We're gonna put it and suck it right back up but what happened. And if you you can support you yet anyway now now now -- -- that money come on now that eight. -- At -- development team and I'll admit I like it normally think. I knew I did -- get apple I'd write it. We tell them that I didn't it doesn't happen. I -- that this is the next six presume wrap -- up to be integrated taken outside. And order rotating head six softball rocket that -- -- on its. 100 feet and keep feeding -- -- think it takes up. Lots of but these -- great toys agreed to another yet. And finally blurted out actually up but now for older kids -- cast doubt this is our. Our home -- Portman. Scooter isn't there power scooter excluded as the -- Read it yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- And they need to look at three miles an hour three miles an hour yeah in -- and you don't think. Ten miles -- -- police can't imagine he's got ten miles an hour now. Now I have been sitting wearing -- haven't done they are little tricky today obstacles still not a lot of time a lot of fun like this think I have I think it's yes that's. Toy insider mom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll be right back plus. --

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Laurie Schacht with plenty of items for kids to feel cool and have fun this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23953881","title":"Summer Toys Promote Writing and Riding","url":"/WNN/video/summer-toys-promote-writing-riding-23953881"}