Survey looks at cash incentive for vaccinations

And Dr. Anthony Fauci says it might be time to ease restrictions such as wearing masks indoors as more adults get vaccinated. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.
2:15 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for Survey looks at cash incentive for vaccinations
This morning science the US is gaining ground in the fight against the corona virus cases are now at a seven month low. I would say we are turning the quarter and the blood at the end of the tunnel is right here and break her. Doctorate he felt she told ABC as vaccination numbers go up. It may be time to relax restrictions even more. Even on things like wearing masks indoors the CDC will be an almost in real time George. Updating. Their recommendations and they guidelines but yes we do need to start being more liberal as we get more people vaccinated the CDC reports that 114 million Americans are fully vaccinated but to me in for doses has declined average daily doses administered has dropped from three million a month ago to now under two million. Carolina march artists I thought. Where a little bit the other girl. State leaders are trying to combat hesitancy like this starting today Los Angeles will offer vaccines with out an appointment. And in Buffalo, New York the local Health Department partnered with a microbrewery to give free Beers to anyone who get their first shocked. Nearly 150 people showed up into new survey found 13 of vaccine skeptics would keep the shot if they got a hundred dollar incentive bidding to better benefit. Will be what we talked about CDC guidelines perhaps those were vaccinated. Can it not their mass concerns scenarios can travel easier army have some to protected access to private businesses adding that. Cereals and data not necessarily money next up. The backs meeting twelfth to fifteen year old the FDA could grant emergency use authorization for Pfizer in there was teens as early as today. Meanwhile overseas in yet continues to struggle. The country reported more than 400000. New cases in just 24 hours including more than 4000 deaths are Maggie ruling is in New Delhi. This is all run by volunteers they are here working 24/7. Throughout the night at a hundred degree heat. Working to save lives. One estimate predict one million people here could die from Kobe an eighteen by darkest. The tragic irony here is that India is the world's largest vaccine producer but inside the country there is a massive to massive shortage only about 2% of the population is fully vaccinated. Andrew and Mona. Alex for Shea there in Washington DC thank you.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"And Dr. Anthony Fauci says it might be time to ease restrictions such as wearing masks indoors as more adults get vaccinated. ABC News’ Alex Presha reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77597845","title":"Survey looks at cash incentive for vaccinations","url":"/WNN/video/survey-cash-incentive-vaccinations-77597845"}