Taking a break from dating

If you’ve been taking a break from dating during quarantine, that could be for the best. Rosie Bell tells our ABC News' Will Ganss about her year away from dating and why it was such a great decision.
4:32 | 06/15/20

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Palmer. You're the only woman on Damon somebody hopeless romantics piety to hear those words have been reports that sidelined their dating dreams. During this great pandemic. False but it was just before the world turned upside down when we caught up with one young woman to tap the brakes on love herself our own will be ended here. With more a well. Hi area high candidate Ed bit and. Yet quarantine has met a break from dating whether we intentionally wanted it or not Rosie Belle tells us why that might be a good thing. For Rosie bell a real life happily ever after it would include nary a hairy and there'd be no no one. At least for a year the author and travel writer challenging herself to a hands free year of no date. Oh so you're telling me it's possible. A full year twelve months 365 days when no mad at all. And men friends male fat and yes. But no romantic dalliances with possible. As a personal challenge to see if I could do it but. Also some and I felt and we lean meat and it was healing process to say. Rosie is self described romantic at heart and serial Dieter. Knew she needed a break after one catastrophic. Lead acting coach decided to stick stating. Quickly setting the rules for her single road ahead no data caps. No going on dates no physical activity with. Gentlemen. And I and just taking time to myself. Instead of tendering Rosie began traveling. I thought we know what's better for. Heartbreak than Rio carnival Cisco the Rio carnival Russell islands have been built for a while freeing up some time to travel and freeing up some mental speaks to you. You say that by stepping away from dating. We were also able to kind of clear yourself and then told clutter that comes with dating. What do you mean by mental clutter. Well besides the physical fluttered you know the things that they leave at your place or you know let them and then there is said it's there it's done. This I. Why. The men soft leather is. Just the space the space of the energy that that takes from you of whole thing of timing of wishing of searching of slice it. With Dowdell that mental clutter Rosie says her life took off in other ways. Professionally I really really thrived. I started writing for lonely planet which kind of has been a dream of mine fire has long lake and a member. A series of in flight magazines I wrote my second book actually which is now I I just I drive the. In addition to her work Rosie says her platonic relationships also flirt. But if it wasn't all roses. What was the hardest part of that twelve months. Actually explaining its. Other people of the comments from other people and a lot of guys I won't call them gentlemen. I'm said public how old are you know are we succeed again and he thought it was very juvenile. So does Rosie the romantic still want her happy ending fit for our rob come. Maybe but not right now. So the biggest take away actually has bitten just loving my own company and my own autonomy. I lovers he so much her book escaped itself is available now. We don't listen in her interview months ago in the winter but the intense now the of giving yourself space and time. Still stand true today you guys. A revenue. So a lot of people who would be reels the with no. You know loving feeling and friends man credited right up. She is she injured the line she said no hooking up no man friends and you know physical activity and like that yeah cash even her carnival down in Rio. That's what about the big of the events were out that person's story I've heard that could cut back down there. They had still not think that some self control right there you know anything that just looking at Karbala going plant life used to be exactly. Exact. Krieger I'm tired of that they say well you're.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"If you’ve been taking a break from dating during quarantine, that could be for the best. Rosie Bell tells our ABC News' Will Ganss about her year away from dating and why it was such a great decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71252180","title":"Taking a break from dating","url":"/WNN/video/taking-break-dating-71252180"}