Taylor Swift Drops Cash on $17M Mansion

The 23-year-old singer will have no mortgage on her Rhode Island beachfront mansion.
3:16 | 04/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift Drops Cash on $17M Mansion
All right time -- this -- are you ready to be jealous. So that I might happen at least once started scanning let's get jealous. What you see when he reporting that Taylor Swift bought herself a mansion. A seventeen million dollar mansion -- gets better. She paid for with cash. -- and you imagine look at that thing. I did that yeah it's actually very tasteful right. You -- put out its not like yes -- cheesy tacky about it since she hated it. That's got seventeen million dollars it's eleven. Thousand square foot mansion and she is looking attitude toward -- back on April 15 Susan she's been thinking about him. And -- originally asked for twenty -- she's -- down seventeen point 75 she's. It's on five acres wow. Wow yeah I -- caption from -- Mortgage that right she is she even twenty I think -- and that's according to TMZ broke. And okay this is according to the daily news they apparently got there is a little exclusive interview wade Chris -- -- his name's Clinton brown he's 48 years old -- are talking about his relationship with -- everybody criticizes -- -- for getting back together. Also on the list of critics Chris -- stopped -- yes there. This is eight quotes. I personally didn't want you really want him and -- act together he says. You have to have a balance in a relationship you have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also need someone who is grounded and logical. Now -- reason this out loud basically he worries that the brother restaurant and is gonna -- -- the -- an end in tragedy. And he says I -- -- -- examples but that he uses examples Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Amy Winehouse. He says I mean I could go on and on now -- -- say she's beautiful exotic successful. But then on to say I wonder why she can't just be with someone else and he names names Jordin Sparks -- why -- -- -- yeah. -- I don't mr. Clinton Browning good match for his son Curtis no -- -- aggressive you're lessening because I -- you watch us regularly cover students aren't -- dating I am. I have no vitamin data weighs in no -- I don't know anybody -- -- and -- -- Match dot com Martha Stewart telling another network that she considered going on match dot com. Have a little -- -- believe it or not -- she's just yet halfway through the profile and she's gonna use your own name and he said started laughing. Finish out the application but she really thought about 71 years old she's looking for that mr. -- -- Would you ever do that if you were singularly. You know what when I was single they're worried there are times in my life but I hadn't I was sorry and allowed them and even then even then now in my darkest moment I would not but I will say this I happen. A lot of fresh out of people who know a lot of the couple had no did not. Not only did the work it is incredibly successful more than and they want to and -- -- marriages so. It's hard to meet people you working your busy I mean you got all these commitments where he wanted to -- want as Martha Stewart which is amazing I would if I saw Martha Stewart there -- think that it was a phony. I think it's a -- I don't and I haven't -- talent -- called out. I don't and that's -- the --

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{"id":19065234,"title":"Taylor Swift Drops Cash on $17M Mansion","duration":"3:16","description":"The 23-year-old singer will have no mortgage on her Rhode Island beachfront mansion.","url":"/WNN/video/taylor-swift-drops-cash-17m-mansion-19065234","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}