Texans helping Texans

With the state in crisis, neighbors are helping their fellow Texans in Texas-sized ways. ABC's Will Ganss reports.
2:31 | 02/19/21

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They say everything's bigger in the lone star state and Wald the winter storm was big nothing. It's bigger than the generosity. Of the Texans spirit. Yeah help others do you know McDermott's fortunate that our time don't blow the thing is deadly Christian and and hope they stick to student. Coach Jason dean is helping his Georgetown community 330. Gallons at a time. The athletics director filling up the tank he originally purchased for his cattle and hitting the road providing water to anyone and everyone who needs it. Lots of people you know X he would sit my kids when bill to get a little bit. But doesn't this. I'm one lady mentioned it you don't our dogs and water all all. So you know a lot of people lose it is a big deal folks filling anything they could coolers bottles one lady even filling her crock pot. You don't take as much you need Leeson to the next got on the street. And a 7-Eleven in San Antonio was closed due to weather folks helping themselves to the water stacked out front but. They paid for. Stuffing their cash through the front door and up in Grand Prairie. So so grateful all the neighbors air force veteran Ted Everly bubbled up in blankets but when the power went out sorted his ventilator. He seven lop pleading for help on FaceBook and working out but it generator showed up the generator bringing the heat and the breathing machine. Back to life. Like so many small businesses smoking revolver Barbeque in League City offering free hot meals to anyone who needs them we're gonna keep server until we run out east side jams a vintage furniture company in Dallas providing hotel rooms at hot meals. To more than thirty homeless individuals. And their community just say that this act of service this generosity your scary is. Texan and it makes you proud you know much privacy community come together it makes you seat number or state. And come together and and you know that the neighbors. I'd like to send my own heartfelt thanks to the staff at Sunrise Senior Living in Fort Worth some of them have been there since Saturday around the clock. Helping residents like my grandma for any we're getting by without water and rotating power outages it means so much they yell show up like this for your fellow Texans. Treating Mike Hanley like New York family. Very very very true well and taxes as you know they stick together. It's here do. And guided step I'm body sure that because it's hard for a lot of people and this is real and it's impacting all of us up. The Tokyo background training cut them up for any.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"With the state in crisis, neighbors are helping their fellow Texans in Texas-sized ways. ABC's Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75991882","title":"Texans helping Texans","url":"/WNN/video/texans-helping-texans-75991882"}