Texas Bar Can't Remain Topless

A Texas bar will no longer allow body paint for its workers.
2:55 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Texas Bar Can't Remain Topless
Welcome back everybody is always great news coming out of and. The great state of Texas and here is home behavior it's all bigger so yeah. There's a little bar down there Texas and -- still taxes to be exactly who called redneck heaven bar. And then -- this little Barbara have something called ABC days anything about clothes. So they -- also little bikini bottoms but the tops are not -- you see there it was all. Body -- how OK now this -- it was not a gives the most perfectly fine according to city ordinance there in that was -- Texas. However resident complained that -- -- and. The wall thing you know what it -- restaurant you. He can no longer -- body -- you must have on actual clothing that. At this -- so now citizens can no longer be truly topless in a body they've -- there was still Texas. It doesn't look like they're wearing body -- it look like and make it an all it must have -- shot well and that pain on top of the page Steve so that's not considered clothing -- Covered. I've missed the producers to flooded -- -- I can investigate and get back you all the -- report in the coming months and -- -- -- of the business. Let you all know what is what is going on out there and there was -- -- we cannot wait for your report. I mean look I presume the female -- as much as the next guy but there's a fine line between sixty unsanitary you cooking food certainly drinks and. Around I don't know that I understand that but if it's not against the law and people -- there knowing obviously what they're going to get -- -- -- -- night that's true then obviously this woman who walked and it happened to see what she -- I didn't know what's happening in the restaurant. All are decided that that was the day she wanted to complain about me now. And body -- Larry if Saddam does -- was whistled loudly that Milosevic called against -- the -- I just can't that you don't need yeah. That it -- None picked up. The other -- I think we'll let you are gonna fly down there's you have to at least now we get into a lot of bad season the whole picture -- -- -- None of this is -- that heading up north Canadian man I have his girlfriend arrested told that this is all part of -- -- -- marriage proposal. -- -- -- -- -- Right now -- You take -- everywhere. She said yes I'd say now and smack in the face the you have said you'll like them from voting I like about my -- not don't scare me think you're gonna go to jail and then come to keep pace -- one giving Iraq nothing. Pick back up yeah. Now what that's a -- comes.

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{"id":19684946,"title":"Texas Bar Can't Remain Topless","duration":"2:55","description":"A Texas bar will no longer allow body paint for its workers.","url":"/WNN/video/texas-bar-remain-topless-19684946","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}