Texas faces new crisis

Power in Texas is coming back on, but millions of people are without drinking water. ABC's Mona Kosar Abdi reports.
2:55 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Texas faces new crisis
A crisis in Texas and another winter storm on the move radar shows that storm moving through the northeast bringing another inch of snow this morning to Philadelphia and New York. It's the same storm that hit Texas meanwhile the governor of Texas us this state is not out of the woods. With freezing temperature statewide and major water problems. This morning a new crisis emerging in Texas amid extreme weather. A short supply of water. Overnight firefighters in San Antonio were forced to bring in water to battle this massive apartment fire. Because they say the hydrants nearby RNC. We're constantly shuttling back and forth so we'll try to keep the supply which are difficult. Prolonged record cold this week buckled the State's power grid knocking out electricity for millions of people for days and frozen pipes than first in putting stress on water systems and flooding homes. A waterfall slowly off his balcony in Dallas after an apartment fire prevention system froze over. This truck in Galveston encased in ice above it large icicles hanging from the frozen pipes. We have been very thankful for a perfect girl overnight thirteen million people and taxes were being told to boil their water Juliet Crawford is getting creative. Melting snow for her family. Are running dangerously low on water so now what we've been doing all day is actually coming outside getting snow. Could hit our pots. And heating it on our propane grill. Hospitals around the state are relying on generators and water trucks long lines are forming oh crosses state for gas and food. And shoppers are finding empty shelves like this Wal-Mart in San Antonio the extreme weather now being blamed for a looming natural gas shortage. The Wall Street Journal saying production has dropped 20% in the last week some people in Texas who have power say they're getting hit with massive bills. The bitch is saying I. I got to know there are. Notification. Then it was negative and Savannah dive in says she switched to a wholesale electricity provider last year and her bill was never more than fifty dollars. But now she got a 600 dollar bill for just two days after she says the company raised prices I don't really eat how they are predicting. I don't know how a thousand dollars just one week are you Litsch is eight. In the meantime the winter weather making its way up the East Coast. This bus in New Jersey overturning injuring fifteen people north of new York city of course sliding off the road and flipping over. In Pennsylvania the driver of this as UV pulled to safety after police say he tried to drive across the lake they driver have been calling 911 for help. While trapped in the car. He could now face charges he was lucky to get out and we hope this serves as an example to stay off the ice in north or. It is dangerous without now.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Power in Texas is coming back on, but millions of people are without drinking water. ABC's Mona Kosar Abdi reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75991935","title":"Texas faces new crisis","url":"/WNN/video/texas-faces-crisis-75991935"}