Thelma and Louise Reunite

Susan Sarandon tweets out recent selfies of her and Geena Davis.
3:07 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for Thelma and Louise Reunite
And we start this Friday skinny with the comeback of sorts a couple of photos of Susan -- trading yesterday and top. Let's get an up there is that iconic shot her Gena Davis from Thelma and Louise -- they started back in 1991. On the bottom is they're new -- -- the ladies and how they still look great 23 years later. -- always great movie I love that movie -- -- so gorgeous I actually like them in the newer version than the older adolescent crime. And next to another -- it's hard to believe that the -- top won't spend Jon and Kate plus eight. They're now ten years old. They're unbelievable they're blessing of their mother Kate Gosselin minus Jon of course returned to TLC for the first of -- two part special celebrating the sexed -- couple its tenth birthday. -- told ABC's Amy Roebuck and GMA yesterday that all the kids were on board with returning to the spotlight. -- to them they absolutely agree to do it happy excited and screamed and one of snow immediately from Wednesday. -- getting here. Many critics say however that -- exploiting kids for financial gain. -- mean that's always an issue when you have kids involved in Canada a lot of people love to -- on the love to see what they're up to. I I -- to his Justice Department has been -- response she doesn't really care that hit the love being in the spotlight and -- Nokia has business to punch about it. And having that many kids -- blessing by the I did okay well you know -- later in the rest of that. Bayside high gang are about the small screen again this time it's really am not so innocent version of the popular series they initially appeared at. The unauthorized saved by the bell stories scheduled to air on lifetime this Labor Day. According to -- -- the TV -- we will go behind the scenes touching on some of the stories of sex and drugs mentioned in a book by Dustin diamond. Reports from -- -- by the bell ran from 1989 and 1993 and was followed by several spin offs. I -- America's Next Top Model be sitting in the California jail cell this story's getting lots of attention on social media -- department arrest several men on weapons. It isn't as standard these days the police. Posted -- arrests and mugs on the FaceBook page but supposed to blew up the morning it was nearly 32000. Likes that nearly 101000 comments why. We'll see for yourself. Yep you guessed that a great many of the comments alikes are from women saying that this man is just too good looking for prison their -- their friends and -- -- event that. The thirty year old Jeremy Meeks we think this -- commissary account. Won't be having any. Shortages and mad about that -- one time to check on -- celebrity birthday is right celebrating her birthday today. The actress Olympia Dukakis turns 83 today -- -- -- Lionel Richie is 65 actor John Goodman 62 today. An actress Nicole Kidman 47. Happy birthday everybody coming up a look back at what was this past week that's right -- -- -- -- -- next. You're watching world news now stay with --

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{"id":24226592,"title":"Thelma and Louise Reunite","duration":"3:07","description":"Susan Sarandon tweets out recent selfies of her and Geena Davis.","url":"/WNN/video/thelma-louise-reunite-24226592","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}