All Things Cereal

Chef Mark Bailey celebrates National Cereal Day with some new twists on the breakfast staple.
3:58 | 03/07/16

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Transcript for All Things Cereal
The bigger booted five year old a nine behind your role of the consume much more. Be done with that morning meal here to help us celebrate national Syria today. Private chat Mark Bailey an author of cook even boxers get a look just today to rest today I'm collected at the. I don't think you are we getting into throughout inner kid today. You know that we 44 euros love serial. It that they certainly yes I have an array of things you're going on and it's all things serial first thing northstar equity cereal milk you know sounds pretty simple you know you just add some milk is right Gary pure Malcolm adding to some cereal here. Only know backed by the period comments so much doozy that that's the talk about what it's like five minutes right. You strain it and then you basically stream and no collected and people used to know for all different things whether it be to make thinking like maybe donuts. Job got cakes. You know different types of GOP does have a right over Vermont ice and stuff like that again tomorrow do you think the new rate now serial no but I go with like you know either a fruity cereal or apple cinnamon to colonel kind of previous and life is always better with fresh. If economic Irish right. And then the food let's get on to stuffed friends tell. I'm using honey bunches of votes for these are you know that's like the cereal the whole family can enjoy it but this is the French toast evil family can enjoy. And which do is you just basically get some we brand okay. Put a little cream cheese on there with a little on cinnamon OK get your it's a strawberry sliced back and you're gonna roll okay. And you just Rolex valued at so well he if anything to get a dividend accustomed it is it's okay some eggs okay. Rolling over like so and then this is we you know you get the serial involved. It's like fried chicken here I think get that good crusty. You know outside on and it just regular honey bunches of us can't as Ritalin was emotional gut chop that up there's this question up a little bit. And the you put it there bay get aunt you know your diet nominal OK that he you know that. It's healthy get a little caught yet you see here. You've been out. Yet you know it's a great win I love that crunch and out than in all its flavor and everything you what's it was all right different styles but as well we have chicken fingers are moving now we got like a drink of breakfast that we got something like a snack hear. Or appetizer. What they've done he has hasn't she contenders with Michael salt and pepper and pepper flakes a loving spicy enough cardiac. Are I think I thank my level transparent exactly it's a what I do exactly that in Kansas judging in little flower. You know that kind of lets all the offseason adhere to his voice acquitted in that egg batter once again and and that the we going right to the so why not do you have to grind it down and he had this immunity when across a little okay no you don't keep the same kind of like large flakes on right. And once again you just even speak or Fridays you know note still diets he's and so I'll write in numbers look high. Students if they got exactly. And once again be people explains 25 minutes and you got those little yummy such as wow that's important kind of like there has voted good to go down correctly. Last and Alia dessert of course now that the monkey Brett. Total frenzy and once again you know cereal always let that could crunch to every Seattle. Honey lenses votes as well as a mom. Reasons as well as up he cans in there aha there really really ya its secrecy we of course have. Bush should of what we're trying to. Write a reverend dive season to cigarette and pregnant that fifth if that's summer dessert. Yeah yeah yeah did did you had the great thing about my degree that you pull those who pizza parts. I love monkey veterinary isn't hard to make don't you have to really really easy to free use the list is next. Use this getting chopped them up really to disposals on this yes it was super fast dates back real now. He should stay for the whole show yeah I don't think anybody would be able to tell the difference. And but definitely serial day imperial days everybody gets it. I'll get Jack Haley the. So straight debt into big hit it really gives thank you so much and failing several recipes you can sit on top UN and fans dot com oh my gosh we got to move on to different. While really didn't have not come about when it's not a good one.

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{"id":37455476,"title":"All Things Cereal","duration":"3:58","description":"Chef Mark Bailey celebrates National Cereal Day with some new twists on the breakfast staple. ","url":"/WNN/video/things-cereal-37455476","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}