Throwback Thursday: Best Horror Movie of All Time?

World News Now calls "The Exorcist" the best horror movie of all time.
4:12 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Best Horror Movie of All Time?
-- Who. Whom he. Really creeped out we'll welcome back troops rolled back Thursday and since Halloween -- two weeks and today we thought -- get -- -- mood but looking back but some of the best. -- -- have a likely topping everyone's -- the exercise. -- -- And it. -- -- They came out in 1973 that the exercise is still have a special place in film history course excruciating. Makes its psychological and supernatural. -- Crazy scary not -- Diana literally can't look -- -- his -- ammonium. Fast forward seven years and there was the shining Stanley Kubrick directed it from Stephen King novel. Maybe one of the best horror movie lines -- -- -- I'm gonna finish your dreams. It helps an on the right are spending the winter -- his family and I don't -- battling the supernatural. Into madness now right next up -- to get miss this is really creepy want to Psycho Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic. No one can take a shower. Even after seeing this -- I'm more extreme and graphic images and -- movies -- Hitchcock used -- And Bernard -- and millions score to achieve yeah and so I don't understand handle -- -- -- I don't know that there's. I want you know she's -- she's like she's really aggressive. More recent. It also created a new style horror movies the Blair witch project from 1999 its. Fictional story pretending to be a documentary shot by student filmmakers who are tracking down a local legend the Blair -- Viewers are told the students were never heard from again though their equipment and video were recovered and here in me. To watch that one just sort of made me -- -- little but I am sorry then there is a scream from 1996. It is a -- but violent satire of all the horror movie cliches out there directed by Wes Craven. Did all the real slasher films including the scream series and the nightmare on elm street movies which I suspect Diana did not see you know. That brought up Freddy Krueger -- -- what are they sign yet that I'm sort of -- -- you can. The west -- and other out. Western also directed my personal I -- favorite my least favorite of people under the stairs from. From 1991. Remember that one -- movement. And the sun is about thirteen year old boy named -- Tries to -- these greedy landlord gets trapped in his house -- this comes a landmark brutal secret. Never fear though pulled up eventually overcome all the evil -- he's still he'll just the name. -- -- Don't love -- he might feel a look now my favorite is the Simpsons annual treehouse of horror which is really scary by the way -- -- and it's scary. -- -- -- Humans fight back against -- who did this to you yeah. Tires that have not popular enough charge that part wasn't so scary but they have all these horrible -- -- -- there -- been 24 these altogether. Once you watch what I'm talking more violent in the regular Simpsons episodes academy all the usual horror movie conventions including several knock off -- that Twilight Zone. But won't -- movie really made your skin -- that's what we -- now let us know which is your favorite on FaceBook and W and and fans. Dot com. What I think it's. He's seriously that since. It's well yeah I don't really like these one -- when they don't really get me or let's hear what songs movies -- -- -- you -- know like that it. -- rather than. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Behind him to keep going body. --

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{"id":20594996,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Best Horror Movie of All Time?","duration":"4:12","description":"World News Now calls \"The Exorcist\" the best horror movie of all time.","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-best-horror-movie-time-20594996","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}