Throwback Thursday: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Forty-four years after its primetime debut, viewers debate their favorite "Brady Bunch" moment.
3:00 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
I have now that saw in all the World Series that is the theme song of the Brady -- to pick up fought -- -- -- was opens also happens to be our. Favorite story of the -- hello he had been 44 years since the show went off the -- if you can believe it went on air rather right here on AB tastefully. Believe it or not I remember -- prime time I was quite small. Everyone has a favorite episode of the show in this one there's probably -- can be -- on playgrounds ever since my brother and I used to do this all the time -- so distracted by the phone call with her dreamy boyfriend Doug. That this happens. -- -- And and the line of my brother and I love. Second on Joey says don't blame on the house he -- a dream sequence -- -- she always says don't play -- on how I hope all I had another hall on how he's live on. I. Young for they -- that there are some scenes that every generation knows for example my favorite -- -- gets upset that Marsha get so much attention. Opponents Georgia. Green flashing and it's -- wonderful -- she did dad. She. -- outlined below Michelle gielan. And in an Asian giant giant time and all these like ten. -- -- -- -- And moves NIC ten -- mine now the Brady has always been known as the Brady's -- -- -- -- pretty typical go to get all the -- that's right so where are they now. We'll Florence Henderson the show's matriarch is still in in action and she's so I -- she's acting regularly pops up but guest star role. Person Maureen McCormick struggled with drugs -- time she's -- clean. And she's made the rounds on reality TV Christopher Knight also made the reality TV show rounds -- -- years before that he worked in the computer industry. And might look at labs are recovering alcoholic -- -- -- concrete counter -- -- is also a big fan of The Grateful Dead. He's married he has two kids and Andy Davis is 87 years old now and and ends happily active in the episcopal church and she looks amazing night. -- -- -- -- -- -- I want analysis my house to make -- poor job snapple soft. The draft -- that -- everybody had a little Brady Bunch somewhere in their life. It's a big death of camaraderie with a little bit of dysfunction extended kind of like a real family -- kind of like the family that we. Yet here world news now -- -- really study that artwork. How old news now Brady Bunch check out the data we -- -- -- last we have our a couple of former. -- leave mr. pulled if he had it is now -- Gary Mitchell. Need right that's right. You know. -- very -- and that's -- -- but I. Behind more odd couple where Davey yeah -- was -- really doing -- second season. The W and banks. What a bunch we are so -- -- live online ad. On -- -- he is going to be the main thing we can make amazing I don't need. I don't know mortar record Mark Knowles and her brother are all there may have the moment of opportunity Barre is here you've got NBA -- -- developers now. -- back Thursday continues after the break a very special -- -- They have to -- And. World news now continues after this from our ABC -- Welcome back -- one of the things that -- -- -- so incredibly successful was the actors who played the Brady kids. They're fun to watch had great chemistry isn't really -- -- close really -- Close this morning on world news now in very special guest joining us now via Skype from Branson Missouri is Barry Williams who played Greg Brady Barry thank you for joining us this morning what -- pleasure. -- -- -- He had -- Yeah I mean you truly -- the previous one you -- that room upstairs in the attic you have the previous close. Let's talk about episodes everybody has a favorite one do you have a favorite one maybe because you put your acting was particularly good or discuss it was the most fun to shoot the other favorite episode. Johnny Bravo that. That's the one because because that heightened mirrored my life -- my my dreams the the closest didn't. That's kind of what I've been doing and then -- and now. So now eat I'm very we can't talk about the Brady Bunch unfortunately -- talking about all those behind the scenes drama that we always hear about bringing bombshells if you will from your day with your TV mom learned tenders into. -- -- trouble with the show's producers. Is there anything that we haven't heard that is -- out there yet a little -- and -- that you might want to share with us today. And Cindy just hit my baby. That's good that -- -- actions and gave that up because you sleep at night and. It ability but to say because that would be up. Wouldn't it. That would be a bombshell I have to did you run alleging -- and classified -- and you did because this kind of gotten violent secondary that -- people. It almost struck me at Cerro -- -- nevermind yeah Natalie reported that -- -- and very talk about the enduring quality of the show what is it about the show that really just. To this day really strikes a chord with people what do you think it is -- whatever. Really believe that it is. The chemistry. That we have good chemistry is something among Romania are actors and ensemble piece. You can't say can't make it out he can't. He can't pretend it's green earth are we really -- debt as evidenced by the fact we remained friends all of us. To this day were in touch. We know what's going on everyone knows that I'm living now in the Ozark Mountains and Branson doing my shelves I know -- I know all the kids were in touch. And we -- like a second Stanley for all these years and I think that. That came across on -- on our show and that's what people can relate to and gravitate. Towards. -- something special -- -- you know is there any show that has. Parents since the Brady Bunch that you've seen that you said you know what that has that certain type of quality that I know the Brady thanks -- that we'll have that enduring. You know legacy like we had anything that's on television now that people can say -- maybe I'll give that a try it's going to be like the Brady bonds. Com and nothing's coming up to the to mind. Its own right now I think the huckster bulls. Katie very and certainly he certainly had that kind of quality of that and have chemistry thing -- -- that we did in America. Unfortunately I think a lot of the shows now our program we -- more mean spiritedness and maybe a little more risk as cynicism and sarcasm. Thing going for the joke and we were trying to tell stories. So true lot of what I tell us what you're up to these days and by the way nobody knows it but you've been playing guitar -- -- guitar identity -- and -- -- Branson. And you have this very exciting project tells about it. -- moved to the Ozarks to -- live out my Johnny Bravo dream which is seven d.s music celebration. It's -- musical variety show that that encompasses all looks good the music at all it's sort of styles from the decades. And -- hosted -- I have -- the big cats live band multi media. -- in the show singing show. I -- and contrast the seventies to today and what's going on. And I'm very happy here it's terrifying and really nice quality of life and a wonderful community -- After having a good good time there and -- hope to be here for the next. Twenty years. Wow Barry Williams thank you so much for joining us this morning actually sounds like something that I want to go out to Branson Missouri and -- I'm excited about sounds wonderful we thank you for joining us we think -- The great -- -- you've given us over the years. Our expectation is that -- riding -- here -- bull. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that's our FaceBook question of the day you know which episode of the -- -- it's your favorite -- on -- FaceBook page W and and fans dot com. And share your memories. Yeah.

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{"id":20526722,"title":"Throwback Thursday: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia","duration":"3:00","description":"Forty-four years after its primetime debut, viewers debate their favorite \"Brady Bunch\" moment. ","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-marcia-brady-bunch-20526722","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}