Throwback Thursday: National Pie Day

Apple, pumpkin, or meat pie: what's your favorite?
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Throwback Thursday: National Pie Day
Usually -- back Thursday and today we're focusing out of -- that's nearly. That's old civilization itself in honor of national pie day our good friend that high they just a few blocks from us it brought us. -- well -- listen to their amazing handcuffed in treatment is no different. Don't be simple to your -- faces an Australian based bakery cafe that specialty is told. Sweet and savory pies and they're celebrating their second anniversary tomorrow the jobs to me. Australian. I think flavors you can needed now I'll read some of -- -- he I thank god popping up like that here -- I don't know what -- -- inching their -- the same -- needy. So volatile price -- over a -- -- today. -- -- speaking tomato -- chicken mushroom tandoori vegetable. They can -- -- who want that we Mexicans under some kind of Mexican and as a Thai chicken curry -- and by the way you have some sweet -- here cherry blueberry. And America's favorite with the apple -- -- It's like chicken pot -- this is -- -- I'm going to be perfect breakfast they actually you read and that what I read your turn now little history about -- They get back to the early civilizations ancient Greeks are believed to have been the first to introduce the pine crest by -- just flour and water. -- and pie -- to actually had a practical purpose of the time. Matt has wrapped when you're just around an act as a container to preserve the billing from spoiling and to keep flies off -- -- I am again and -- And that and that comforting our hot coming out of -- -- -- -- I got the Mexican one right out of the gate that's when I hope for -- Digging in the -- believe it or not for thousands of years until the twentieth century highs were mostly the country right now savory ones who know little about spices meets in the -- -- who things -- -- I guess that the barbecue like that you were even telling everybody is off all -- your scripts do fancy restaurant Dakota chanting yes. I'm sorry we often say something is as American as apple pie but like so much of our culture in the original apple pie recipe is different -- Demanding payment another another -- shot down there also contrary to popular belief the pilgrims may insert pumpkin pie at first Thanksgiving -- in fact pumpkin -- also originated in England and didn't catch on in America. It's in the 18100. It's been -- and Republican high and I -- -- on Thanksgiving Day and tie it. Every year instead of getting up birthday -- sometimes I got a birthday cake but I usually get my handles -- up again I and that's my happy birthday but I am I love -- -- -- so yeah I'm vigilant and all the way through. Little usually few days later mom and make it takes so she's watching probably -- As. For today Americans do love bittersweet you know -- there's a nationwide poll why Schwab is the makers of mrs. Smith's -- They broke -- down into this convenient pie chart we've gone and I nearly half of Americans smoked marijuana. 7% voted apple -- as their favorite with -- Marcy is a close second Jerry believed or not came in fourth. Behind that chocolate -- next apple -- then -- any old southern favorite weekend by the way where's the banana cream that's my. And -- that custard yellow very finished just behind -- -- moraine followed by key Lyon and peach. And earlier we asked her FaceBook fans to share their favorite kind of got hundreds of responses and -- -- favorites that didn't make mrs. Smith's top ten like banana cream that you go coconut cream sweet potato. We also got some creative responses from -- storms and hopes road. Three point 14 Q just gotten out of pocket since they -- -- how could any troop -- lover -- just 1 and I am totally -- -- specially only happened. So many options here and there all -- you have flashback Thursday -- day thanks to the folks -- The -- the.

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{"id":21633671,"title":"Throwback Thursday: National Pie Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Apple, pumpkin, or meat pie: what's your favorite?","url":"/WNN/video/throwback-thursday-national-pie-day-21633671","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}