Tiger Woods' Alleged Former Mistress is Getting a Divorce

Rachel Uchitel reportedly claims of "inhumane treatment" from her husband Matt Hahn.
5:58 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Tiger Woods' Alleged Former Mistress is Getting a Divorce
Welcome to the skinny we started to train wreck. -- bring it on. Richard you could tell who is the ex girlfriend of tiger what's not the ex wife. It's only now getting a divorce from her current husband -- And his name is mark hot hand he's apparently citing cruel and inhumane treatment. And wants out of this cruel and inhumane treatment wants out of this one and a half year marriage. But he remembers she is the alleged former mistress of Tiger Woods and to this story -- -- team -- to Charleston from community. And she is the reason Tiger Woods. Kind of the floodgates opened up with him and all these women came forward she was the first of many if she is also allegedly the reason that they got a divorce. The Tiger Woods and he -- and suddenly this that mark. -- saying that he is treated unfairly. Cruel and inhumane treatment they've had gotten into a lot of altercations. You could tell allegedly slapped him in a recent -- -- Now -- tells -- attorney is saying that she wants to resolve this incredibly quickly quietly not in the media. Now night they have a one year old daughter together. Good. They're not because I'm sorry to mark its. -- quickly we forget it. -- another break -- to tell you about glee star Jane Lynch and her wife of nearly three years Lara Embry are planning to divorce is according to People Magazine. The glee star 52 years old and every 44 met in the 2000 iPod -- and she's being honored at that the police story and a year later they were married in Massachusetts but it didn't -- out. Florida I have decided to end our marriage it's been a difficult decision for us we care deeply about -- each other we asked for privacy as we deal with this. Family matter. That's about -- happy -- OK so we've seen on HBO behind the candelabra this incredible. Movie we can call it would be glad about -- -- life. Well there's also it was kind of the inspiration behind the -- called out from behind the candelabra and it was written by Scott. Ford city who is the former lover of -- well he come out to say. That there was a whole lot of other things that these guys are also involved didn't hit especially. One -- the secret love her Michael Jackson were so he thinks he says all of our teens and introduce me to Michael Milli second these violent thriller was coming out. Michael and I became lovers now he did talk about this isn't The National Enquirer back in 2004. Where he said that they had -- and they had they climbed into bed together and they had a what -- -- lovemaking session. Jackson's attorney at the time. Denied all the claims will now he's come out in a new interview with the sun and he is saying not only was it a one time deal we were lovers for six or seven -- years. He also said Michael is very generous to he treated me very well so there you have it. Now that's got a little bit of a reputation problem he has -- -- shut out there where he was charged with burglary that -- and now he's living the highlight you know. Back to being on the bunny ranch and admired actors a presentation -- and a much I can't say anything. Michael campaigning because he's not what does -- everybody's got some things about Michael now all of a sudden it's about abandoned -- is -- -- long. There's a lot of seemingly crazy things on Twitter but she's -- that she's looking forward to a career as a -- and listen to this music producer Daniel -- up. Ching Chang records told radar online that he's willing to give the retired Nickelodeon star -- shop. And that they actually will make a rap album and he said I think she's more gangster than Drake. An incredible luck shut that we just have to share with you everybody remembers Erin Brockovich the movie back on 2000 in 2000 originally Robert in this terrible really terrible and severe -- Those that signal is a -- Was arrested more boating while intoxicated. Mad and there she is an all her glory 52 year old. Us -- Italy he actually environmental activist and -- -- apologized for and for what happens if this is the statement was sent out on Sunday in any sex. She looks much better. I'd like oh yeah. No point was the -- away from the dock and there was no public safety risk that being -- anti drunk driving very seriously. This was clearly a big mistake I know better and I am very sorry. This happened in Lake -- near Las Vegas and her blood -- A high level where it was twice the legal point 08. Do you think she's more embarrassed by the charger that photo I think it's equally terrible wow well I shouldn't say about that I mean that is like that's just -- -- quality mug shot that's a bad picture her behavior is there's probably really sunny she's probably like good out there on the boat the whole day but wow. That's just. Federal judge just got punishment enough. -- -- it's not just. I don't know about killing Clarkson -- recently got married to fiancee -- black stimulus but the picture -- -- beautiful and our cover of here's his picture there -- together and see the ring there. Got that ring beautiful 150000 dollar engagement ring how will apparently at the CMA music festival in Nashville on Saturday in the middle of -- performance singing her number one -- stronger. She realizes. I don't have my -- -- As she's doing this she's like really freaking out going oh my god where's my ring anti. Bands about it she -- apologized -- her fiance. It ends well she twittered that for all my concern -- We did Twitter tweeted thank you that I found rigs south. She's back -- he would want to lose that it's. -- -- -- India can all that's hitting me. -- really quickly just in the -- -- any segment is she is completely -- Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is bodyguard and just to -- are both being sued by a paparazzi. Who said that they not -- -- his memory card but the photographer pulled out a gun on him. He says no amount of money should allow this kind of behavior but if you ask me -- we don't want anyone to do that here unless he was driving ninety miles an hour in his development that's not that's not.

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{"id":19371167,"title":"Tiger Woods' Alleged Former Mistress is Getting a Divorce","duration":"5:58","description":"Rachel Uchitel reportedly claims of \"inhumane treatment\" from her husband Matt Hahn.","url":"/WNN/video/tiger-woods-alleged-mistress-divorce-19371167","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}