Is this time different?

We talk with new activists and those who’ve fought racism for decades to see if this is a movement or just a moment. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.
5:53 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Is this time different?
What happened. Activist cathedral blitz leads protesters through the streets of Missouri. You know why sit really knows. The black lives lost. Why is in close races own. Adult victims of the injustices in this country they can no longer speak for themselves. For woods despite began at the age of thirteen after the death of Michael brown and Ferguson Missouri. There's comet Oswald at this Mott community. Now six years later after the deaths Rihanna Taylor of Mott harboring and George Floyd. Remains vocal but the biggest difference this time owes a lot of people like what people say majority might like they want to know how cannot help you in Asbury Park, New Jersey race is a continuous conversation. Police descendants. None it you need. Not it is new but this close time everybody's. Seeing. A lifelong act Palestinians initially created a protest for the police involved debt. A burglary scored just two days before George Lloyd's deaths in agony eighteen. Some. Simmons joined by nearly 101000. People in the town. With deep rooted racial divides the predominantly white residents and the east side of the railroad tracks. Joining to people of color on the west side in the united demonstration. I felt like cloning in Memorial Day stretch the Ole. It was a CEO beautiful they include diet. Lana Leonard was among the thousands. I would say that moment. Actually she's protests that she had organized. As a moment that really beyond my toes and and puberty unity now on it. Prompted Leonard to organize their own protest. Each chat. We need to understand. It privileges I have but this getting. And instead of feeling guilty. It's a matter of one tank unit in what our solutions. We spoke with aware allayed the alliance of white anti racists everywhere. An organization neck confronts its members white privilege. He's building that we should do white people are white eagle if we help our racial identity. Only the support. Release include color or need you are a lot of education and other well meaning he'd go professor Shelly touch like lethal weekly gathering called Saturday and Sunday dialogue. We look inside our how. Are you so wouldn't meet our studio and being honest in the last few weeks. How can a bit of an overwhelmed I realize that that I'm. Privileged to be overwhelmed. It's so hard to just. Feel that that he and know that. I'm part of what con stage. And and wait this is part of what caused it. Are some ideas not. Able to see them grow white. And we cannot vote history. News. And the history of race. Or color only start to realize that it our parents we're educated about this or teachers were educated about this and there are we are an educated and we are absolutely. Horrible what's going on around. Give me really. A where's activist arm is white people for black lives in June alone they'd virtually welcomed 3500. New members. The combination. Earth. People really having access to the information of Lake Powell in just our system. And frankly having the time on their hands that the pandemic has created a lot of people are just saying like I can't not do anything anymore. Preparedness doctor. A warning for those looking to become an ally that's yet to lose all your friends get ready to learn about how unsafe it is. To say I don't have to be white you right. Jane Elliott is an anti racism educator best known for her brown eyes blue eyes exercise a lesson in prejudice she split her third graders by eye color. And gave preferential treatment to the students would brown eyes. Do you think that what's happening now may be more effective in changing the cultural narrative of this country. Absolutely it will only happen if we all get together and refused to go backward so it's not enough. For a white person to march in a couple of protests. L no no it's not enough as indelible moment feel virtuous. Anne Archer and on television. And much more nonsense. We cannot floor where it won a slice or something likely that you like we have to begin. Jane Elliott says there are easy first steps to take for those looking to become an effective ally read it read it read she also suggests. Having a difficult conversations with your family neighbors and friends but most of all she says to do something instead of just claiming to be an ally guys. Great advice there in the block clubs not a movement was created 2013 after the death. The trade bond mar in a war were realizing his views are evolving since when it thirteen. And people are realizing that this is an American issue not a black American issue but an American issue and also this move and a lot of people are saying is a culmination. Of the movement that happen after the death of tree of Anwar into near rice Sandra bland. And the sourcing to that. A lot of need it I'm comfortable and honest conversations are happening right now. Again our thanks so we'll offer that and remember when your 13% of the population. By people you need some help. In some allies.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"We talk with new activists and those who’ve fought racism for decades to see if this is a movement or just a moment. ABC’s Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71644456","title":"Is this time different?","url":"/WNN/video/time--71644456"}