It's time to travel again

The TWA Hotel sends ABC News' Will Ganss back to the 60s with Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott for some cutting-edge travel tips and tricks.
4:28 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for It's time to travel again
It's finally time to talk travel once again but I doubt that you. Meanwhile were added it's time to time travel to Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott meeting at this shiny new TWA hotel. It is six. After he styles. From original flight attendant fashion. Have been. It calls. The fluttering that old fashioned departure board. The landmark 1962 TWA flight. At JFK airport is back with don't get it twisted. Yeah this time it's a fully functional hotel with 512. Room. And if it looks familiar it's CWA hotels serving as the backdrop for you to Caprio and Tom Hanks. Catch me if you can put today as the backdrop for a conversation. About vacation deprivation. Right yes Americans I know it's great thing fat and taking became sick immediately upwards of 500 million vacation days on the table every year. That big hair that is different. He vacation deprivation study in find anyone shows that I'm American they're taking a full additional week. A vacation isn't that simple side is 66%. Are paying their prayers at her back to Atlanta. And even more Americans are pretty bigger bite is behind these travel gains. So league's hot spots are trending. Places like Montego Bay Riviera my. Now we in Hawaii Phoenix Arizona are all hot side. And boy where they've been paid out doors natural get away from lakes and mountains like think George not reservoir and Yellowstone National Park one of my favorite. Americans ready to adventure beyond there'll living room for the first time in a long time. What are some tips you have as we start navigating this new normal act. The airports hotels things like that yet the big question I think price used to be that the name primary aid is getting the best DL. The traveler's prayer he's had changed flexibility and transparency are the new. Charities are travelers post code and so once I had is when you're searching for travel online like on a site like Expedia used to built there is defines union bucking. Filters like three cancellations book now pay later refundable rooms. And as far as sanitation goes you can filter hotels that have enhanced cleaning services. And don't forget to pack those vaccination cards. Apple while it just announced that they will allow you to import your vaccination card in here iPhone device sells for someone like me who always visit everything this is a great. Then not so great news prices are going back up with renewed interest in hitting the road. For still seeing relatively reasonable prices so I would recommend first inform us if you are gonna travel this summer but your campus in as possible and bundle your travel booking. Hotel and airfare tour together usually means you. Steve big. And if you can state put this summer that might help. I want to travel in his shoulder season that's kind of the season between summer and and lows even Tillerson. I love fall travel especially if he adds I need ten to get better rates on how better airfare. No matter this season it's time to travel and what caused the TWA hotel means. You have to go too far to catch a flight. Did a brick man captain's hat to you that shoot I sure did Courtney also says serve ever to check out. Local and national restrictions on Kobe testing and quarantining requirements. But guys Expedia study also found that Americans returned from vacation apt here. Better rested at less stressed and it better house where we going what's on the job let's go right now our guys like outlets got credit. What's on the bucket list where where is here your dreams spot to Yuma Arizona. Really now. That is affecting others say and but this year an up this year but I would love to do Rea. OK. How about you answer that Italy would be nice yes. In a box in Greece newsreel it is by that's by Mike dream destination New Zealand I will do it all with a at this point. I don't care of the trip to the grocery store I was sent yeah. I word Brooklyn and I'm very good at that side me.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The TWA Hotel sends ABC News' Will Ganss back to the 60s with Expedia travel expert Courtney Scott for some cutting-edge travel tips and tricks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"77733476","title":"It's time to travel again","url":"/WNN/video/time-travel-77733476"}