Tina Fey Says No to 'Mean Girls' Sequel

As the iconic high school film marks its 10 year anniversary, writer rebuffs sequel talk.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tina Fey Says No to 'Mean Girls' Sequel
-- anytime and we begin with a big let down for fans of the movie mean girls Tina -- has shattered the hopes of millions -- Thousands another sequel did a movie is not. Happening my -- a big fan so I am so what do I want this movie will face starred -- mean girls along with Lindsay Lohan may atomic Adams. This year will mark the ten year anniversary of the original movie. We'll face says the cast is hoping to get everyone to gather to celebrate but not to make another movie she says quote. We are all past high school age but -- might be interesting to see where the mean girls and -- they had nine years later. The premise I -- I would always -- check in FaceBook to see where the mean girls from my high school ended up -- might make us. And in that case you see he want. T save money into her face and -- and you got you got revenge alone underhanded got a good gig and -- are watching on TV that's Zain you're nice meal. -- I feel that the speaking Lindsay Lohan a magazine has gotten its hands on a list that's pretty unbelievably revealing it supposedly a list of 36 sex partners and most of our very well known among the name's Justin Timberlake Colin Farrell Heath Ledger -- Adam Levine found at front what's in Phoenix. Jamie Dornan and James Franco. According to in touch weekly Lindsay wrote on the back of -- category glitz playing that was she's playing that game of friends and -- was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Some of the names analysts -- crossed out for legal reasons I hope there's not like a rating system like. Maybe some person gets half a star into the person gets four stars he got can be embarrassing to I don't understand how all of the names -- crossed out. For -- is -- how many how many 36. And that's just who wish list. The who -- -- -- the actual and who knows all right Jennifer Aniston revealing something a little more tame her health and beauty secrets in an interview with Self Magazine and hasn't answered some random questions like. What food she would eat even if she dropped it on the floor -- -- -- know my second -- I think general flies. Edison says her ultimate stress reliever is exercise and meditation she also says she can beat anyone in the game concentration can make -- great bloody Mary and enjoys the voice and America's Got Talent. She says those shows are her guilty pleasures and she says she would eat and -- -- off the floor -- feed off the floor. Not to -- a little too moist and India -- cooking something hard -- and a heat pumps her off the floor and construct the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Another person answering random questions lately -- Sarah Jessica Parker 73 of them to be -- Parker invited dug into her all men's and dozens of rapid fire questions among the things we learned that she loves New -- spirit animal -- -- -- her favorite curse -- -- -- And her favorite color is peacock blue and you learn so much more. What's your favorite department has been taking place -- put. Parsley -- love and a pizza sausage peppers onions favorite trick. Coca-Cola favorite -- My sister's friends dark chocolate milk chocolate milk chocolate weirdest thing you've -- you that I can't -- back with -- are. -- that last thing the weirdest thing she's ever eaten it is the Turkish and meet -- relevant tests in the south. That is --

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{"id":22892648,"title":"Tina Fey Says No to 'Mean Girls' Sequel","duration":"3:00","description":"As the iconic high school film marks its 10 year anniversary, writer rebuffs sequel talk.","url":"/WNN/video/tina-fey-girls-sequel-22892648","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}