Tips For Making The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Advice from a Butterball expert!
4:18 | 11/26/14

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Transcript for Tips For Making The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey
I. Well the countdown is on less than 24 hours to go before Thanksgiving but if you don't tell fully prepared follow that worked in the kitchen don't worry you're in good company we that's an essential tips from the queen at Thanksgiving. Record Johnson from butterball Turkey talk flag look up thinking ill can't be almost thinks he Thanksgiving I've just got to ask you what's the wacky stories the people have called him about them to flatten yet Craig question you know we get a lot of what we like to call memorable. Mobile phone calls here care to butterball Turkey talk line. They always pertain to how do I go about filling my Turkey we have heard some very creative ways over the years we've heard how the gentleman who decided by his Turkey wrapping an electric blanket. I cannot may have heard yelling at present Turkey indeed jacuzzi. And you know heading for a little butter balls of my own home I have heard about father who won a multitasking and decided to beat his tattered twain's ended at temple alongside. Trying to thought that turning. Three in the net at one Time Warner is really some key ways people aren't buying their Turkey what is a pretty significant that you've actually got into text breast cancer absolutely and solid the first thing I would like to tell folks is when you find your Turkey people mind it takes 24 hours for every four pounds of Terkel did spot in your refrigerator. Wait a minute so I'm doing the math here are some people in my arm be too late. Not to fear a great question and we do began a lot on the day before Thanksgiving or even Thanksgiving Day people have forgotten started following her husband tell them not to appear vacant for the cold water bath -- they have a very seeking acceptable way to test fired Turkey. It just after methane and a half hour per pound excel at ten pound Turkey would take five hours using and that that changing water every half hour. And again leading a wrap around placing it breast side down it's gonna help speed defined process. Our first tee up what we like to call our three teens for our callers. On the second teed it we have effort following is using your meat thermometer so we tell folks go ahead and visit butterball dot com web site. You can actually watch and how to video of where exactly to place your meat thermometer to check for dominance. Second very useful exactly. The third team that we have is what we call canteen could take a piece of oil to meet to make about the nobody. Simon noble sheet of paper and I think tank or shield. That breast area. And he'll do that after the Turkey's been cooking for about two thirds of the way he may take a peek an innocent that breast area starting to brown scare a home and arrested at Turkey. So you go ahead and shield that the breast area and that allows at 5 o'clock to the 180 degrees and those are three teens Deutzman and I imagine the biggest mistake that we snake was building enough cleanup tin foil on top to build an ark. But guess I'll have retailers are can't. Let us know that Betsy and it can't sleep tracked. Com and let's get said I think people call and there's very. There's a number away didn't cook your Turkey in his suite at the bottom. After he talked crying like you can use an open hand Matt and a pay for landlords snow cover in the leg a pay a 325 album from start to finish. And I Dili about two and a half inches tall the pain and should be. This is a great can't hear because of a flat grant that you place in the patent on that hand helps elevate the Turkey up off the bottom of the pool and and it allows of that nice hot circulating air. Now a lot of times people call and they say after many. Turkey is done. It's added eleven I have a hot hand and how do I remove that hot Turkey good points from me can't tell the cutting board. With the accent again it can visit butterball dot com website we can't have another how to video on there how to create a Turkey stream lifter. Mean Adkisson kicking twining. And you placed six in the hand out of the can prior to coastal and it allows for easy moving. It's isn't happy hands because a cutting board that is fantastic it's I didn't know when you were actually really going to be answering that butterball hot I actually am I'm one of the fifteen men and women that are Manning the phones are open from 66 on Thanksgiving Day annual Turkey isn't just for Thanksgiving select etc. actually opened their Christmas see this what a fantastic so you'll. Problem is now fans won't recipe that that a Carly you okay political Johnson co director butterball Turkey talk line thank you so much for joining and Borges head to butterball dot com and of course. Don't forget to call 1800 butterball. For help if you need it stay with us you're watching Rajiv.

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