The 'Tonight Show' Could Move to New York

Talks are in the works for the "Tonight Show" to move to New York if Jimmy Fallon takes over.
3:59 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for The 'Tonight Show' Could Move to New York
Welcome to the skinny here at ABC news now let's talk about -- let's do it. Happy when he does so there's a lot of buzz about the Tonight Show -- changes coming to the Tonight Show apparently according to a lot that senior. Level. High -- seniors at NBC. It's all the formality that Jimmy Fallon is going to get the -- Jay Leno now holds itself but there's a little more to this story apparently not only is he going to become -- -- knowing take over for the Tonight Show it's also moving to new York mercantile. That is where -- -- -- their well if you -- there at the you know Jimmy Fallon did -- -- for -- -- yeah -- and California what's the big deal and give them back home we don't know but anyway. Apparently this is all said and done it's it's but a formality and he'll actually be -- that can end. Yeah Jay Leno is going to let -- knocked out knocked on his ticket out -- You know you -- these stories today -- -- which story Irene which are you -- give -- the one about Harry Reid needs a familiar with Harry -- People out there -- -- the first plane ride in the male porn star apparently he started deep throughout 1970 got to opposite Linda Lovelace. And just passed away because we ought to make quite that is passed away the 65 years old the cause of death not determined but he. He had been in declining health for some years according to his wife -- But apparently in this this is all from our crack producer was talk -- -- a year earlier. This movie was a phenom image 600 million dollars to daddy's -- he was paid 250. Dollars for his role and apparently with the lighting -- -- hope that -- guy who clearly had certain pre -- very long haul eaten -- my goodness gracious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. Not OK so Cyrus apparently has glittering engagement ring back behind -- okay. She did she took a major ring off her a little while she's engaged so are we got engaged -- home -- worsened -- a little message there -- seeing right. -- Hunger Games so this computer belonging convoluted story he was apparently spotted January Jones for mad men -- to new drilling maybe maybe not. Neither one of them has really come out and said that it didn't happen she showed up -- engagement ring on neck and -- She treated pictures of her actually wearing the engagement ring -- and then no engagement off engagement -- hard to tell. I like there is -- starring nicknamed. I don't know about this Oprah Winfrey apparently hasn't been -- But she's doing all kinds of the Hollywood types -- -- Oprah has revealed that you know now and then she does need a body double on occasion. What you local shock was the 59 year olds stand in for -- -- magazine cover shoot. -- that happens happens -- -- huge team according Oprah she's a stand in for every single set me. The music I can find that real quick like digital it doesn't really -- The appropriate nevermind -- to everyone and -- She she started slowly with Terrence Howard I wonder if he's this woman was standing during the movie as well that -- Jacob Brennan and this -- times with a lightning lighting checks and whatever whenever and an ugly in its content especially in work and Oprah's -- you know times when. So presented -- lemonade that not long ago our school she times and he -- -- That -- -- the -- -- -- is apparently its vaccine and guess who is not in the sexy cobra. So it's. -- he asks my goodness gracious. Check that out right just a little bit of information that we're not really sure what's going on here but apparently marijuana was found around a storm that she was not on the masses of like an entourage of -- Not sure who was on the -- not sure who owns the marijuana. But here's something really just saying so marijuana. Bust marijuana -- -- Honest about this condition and he. Exactly you know all of her video she slogans and the cover of 100 -- machine rolling something so let's go --

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{"id":18778908,"title":"The 'Tonight Show' Could Move to New York","duration":"3:59","description":"Talks are in the works for the \"Tonight Show\" to move to New York if Jimmy Fallon takes over.","url":"/WNN/video/tonight-show-move-york-18778908","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}