Tony Awards 2014: Winners and Recap

Hugh Jackman hosted the 68th annual award show; Audra McDonald, Neil Patrick Harris won trophies.
4:48 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Tony Awards 2014: Winners and Recap
Skinny -- we start at the Tony Awards last night's game winners in the performances that brought down the house. First though the host to back instant -- -- show like literally bounced in the show -- Jack. When popped up and down during his opening number. He's Australian so the kangaroos so maybe that explains it Jackman balanced up from the street in the theater -- the stage behind this. Then up again -- week we have no idea why he did it make me wanna go -- -- -- and it looked like them lot of fun. In great shape right now -- full -- but -- balance. Reports after all of the awards -- ago. The first of the night was -- history maker -- -- that Audrey McDonald one of six Tony. Give me for her portrayal of Billie Holiday and humiliated and -- bar and grill and he would put her head a five time winner Angela Lansbury. That summer. Gosh incredible into the warm for best leading actor in a musical Neil Patrick Harris -- is amazing performance in heavyweight. The interest the angry -- but before any award was given -- a chance to show the audience that's what it was all about. -- Bob Knight got -- parent looking pretty yeah he lost 23 pounds to get ready for the role. -- -- -- -- -- rebounds tonight I was that was some performance was being -- -- -- -- I think nice things won best musical went to a gentleman's guide the -- -- about a caper set in 1909 bluntly that turns deodorant and merriment. A gentleman's guide -- the nomination -- with ten. -- the night's other big winners best play went to all the way starring breaking bad. Bryan Cranston love that guy in Cranston won the prize for leading actor for the best revival of a played a -- in the sun which stars Denzel Washington. For best actress in -- musical adjusting Muller who plays the title character in beautiful. They Carole King musical. -- Production issues it's unclear what that really needs production issues -- -- take tomorrow officers picked -- humans I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lopez into fall already recorded the World Cup theme song which was released in April -- -- it was not a -- among resilience and it was mainly in English and Spanish and very little Portuguese. Next up Oscar winner Sandra Bullock her publicist says she's unharmed and fine this morning. Bullock was at home in Los Angeles yesterday morning when a burglar broke into her property someone inside Bullock's home called police. Who eventually arrested a 39 year old man on suspicions of residential burglary. Now the man never entered the house but he was quote checking it out police also say they are looking into whether the suspect is a stalker actually scary and scare. Items -- Duncan -- time in Texas over the weekend with an epic final performance from country music legend George Strait. King -- last Toronto to a 105. Thousand fans to the -- -- eighty India. -- the Dallas Cowboys actually played. Shattering the 1980 record set by rolling stole his for the largest indoor concert ever. In North America street by the -- 62 who was joined onstage by some of country music's best fourteen. Pride and the Lambert Kenny Chesney just to name a few. The three hour show -- forty years on the road -- hundred and -- our homes and people Hamas and -- some shot a look at The Rolling Stones they came back. He looks great bodily yet maybe he'll come back to -- whenever they say is that they love him or it's never say never as they say. All right next up we have a very special announcement and glad tidings were. One of our own here an ABC news we love wedding is anyone especially meteorologist ginger Xena tied the knot over the weekend. With NBC correspondent bad -- and there's hardly a celebrity studded blow out yet. Ginger -- -- exchanging vows very intimate beachside ceremony in her native Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan and was followed by a small reception of only 55 family and friends are best and warmest wishes to open them I would -- -- -- -- to him let's check out some celebrity birthdays right now Johnny Depp turns 51 today. Actress Natalie Portman is 33 Michael J. Fox is 53. And Cindy and singer Matthew Bellamy is 36. Happy birthday all of that -- -- -- reporting 38 -- made. I think with a spokeswoman.

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{"id":24052620,"title":"Tony Awards 2014: Winners and Recap","duration":"4:48","description":"Hugh Jackman hosted the 68th annual award show; Audra McDonald, Neil Patrick Harris won trophies.","url":"/WNN/video/tony-awards-2014-winners-recap-24052620","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}