Total solar eclipse

Thousands of spectators have flocked to South America to witness the Earth's first total solar eclipse in two years. ABC News' Rob Marciano reports.
2:09 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Total solar eclipse
Turning now to South America where it now and the people have flocked from around the world to witness the rare celestial. That's stories about the workers on amazing things. For a few brief minutes later this afternoon day you will overcome night across the South Pacific Chevrolet and Argentina. ABC's rob Marciano is in shape if the latest rob. Page a day and candidates who we are coming to you from Lhasa Rana. Right enough path of totality here the fourth largest city in Chile are right along the coast line. And much like the great American a clips that we have mistakes just two years ago is going to be very similar gold across the entire country. We learn or again and went across the Rockies and through Wyoming and slid across the Tennessee valley all the way to South Carolina wondered event that was. The community come together. In joy and on that's what this country expects to see. People coming in from all over the world including a lot of Americans that witness the great American Clinton smoker someone who came all the way from Hong Kong whose. Never see an eclipse. Boy she sacked for traveling all the way from Hong Kong. Keeping in this place it's gotta be worth it yeah. Biggest. Really really looking for a total solar eclipse was do it and then if you need a refresher course as to what an eclipse technically is we asked an expert. And and learned. That that did you run eighth. Three years old teaches wise this is excited to see her first eclipse no doubt about that put Saudi happens here for 38 eastern time which is. Local time as well last for about two and a half minutes you watch it live on You want a witness another one line in the states that happens in five years April of two point warning for from Texas all the way to you. New York State. Penang Kenneth. You better be there. How lonely old and we better be there April 20/20 four hour I would LB. Who knows but they hew to rob for all of that reporting. But for all the pressure now we're feeling to go sleep at a clip okay. Set your clock so for 38. PM.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Thousands of spectators have flocked to South America to witness the Earth's first total solar eclipse in two years. ABC News' Rob Marciano reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64080725","title":"Total solar eclipse","url":"/WNN/video/total-solar-eclipse-64080725"}