Travel like a pro

Travel blogger Courtney Scott reveals her top tips to save you time and money the next time you travel.
3:17 | 11/29/17

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Transcript for Travel like a pro
And I said it was this. Tensions again none of our it will work on the Larry but in the meanwhile. Thank you Bette Midler for pain and then thank you as we want to give you a little wind beneath your wings with this segment. With some travel tips accident and. I Syria did. Ron ABC's you mean Elliott caught up with Expedia is Courtney Scott for some in Sami tax on how you can save money and time when you fly. He. We've just kicked off one of the busiest times of year to travel but if you haven't booked your flights yet when you suggest doing. This sweet spot for booking flights this holiday season is December pit the December 11. It can yield you a saving of up to 5% are there certain days to avoid when traveling absolutely I actually loved to travel on the holiday itself. We'll see cheaper airfares and quick and you really quiet. If you're chopping with a lot of presence over the holidays is their way to avoid these expensive baggage fees often times paying for your check back online before he gets the airport is actually cheaper. And when you get the airplane do it there. Searching for flights online to be very overwhelming especially around the holidays is there anything we can do to make or search a little easier. People sickened average of 48 times across eight different web sites all insects in the cheapest airfare and hotel BL but they're unethical things you can do Chris not clear passion and your cookies in your Internet browser before you sectors sex. You may unlock different rates and I like to six in private and high you know mode searching in my that are. And how you don't mode. Keep all of your web searches and hit three private and they can't keep track. Every time I'm buying a CT is sixty check I was shocked to find out how cheap it is it's so affordable it's 85 dollars for a five year application. Did you think Pete tactic and rethink this security line he's the sort of line to begin with. Anything we've issued unless something your bag and around the holidays having any house. Is it ever Wear that to join member rewards programs. Absolutely and the huge advocate of membership rewards programs for travelers who get free upgrades on airlines you get three hotels they've. We're told that's the airport three sometimes four hours ahead of time is not necessary I do recommend three hours in advance for international. Few hours in advance for domestic I recommend it was a lot and at least one hour time for your connection. But on the off chance we do miss our connection is there anything we can do. We know different that some have really long way over the last several years and not you can find everything found by their dining yeah that he has art galleries sell if you do miss your connection. Keep an eczema. And if you have status in the membership rewards program you may find yourself spending in this connection in the VIP lounge. I think I could look at that gets me this time. Just for the record there is champagne and that VIP lounge and it that follow our Mack case my personal tips over IT matrix is a the best software to search for flights and also for using miles. Book your flights. 24 hours before. You're set to depart I teeing thank you we'll be back.

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{"id":51453874,"title":"Travel like a pro","duration":"3:17","description":"Travel blogger Courtney Scott reveals her top tips to save you time and money the next time you travel.","url":"/WNN/video/travel-pro-51453874","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}