Trick shot corgi goes viral

Lilo has racked up millions of views online. ABC's Will Ganss talks to Lilo’s dad about the talent they only discovered in quarantine.
2:26 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trick shot corgi goes viral
In Texas has brought as big stars like fiancee. Hilary Duff. And its newest super celeb. Lee load the Corky. Or five year old Douglas scoring trick shot after trick shot. Racking up millions of views on tick talk and answer Graham. Legal is dead Denny only recently realizing she might be a natural bowler when she was playing with some balloons after a birthday party this summer. If these so called regular it's like a ball or not give it a shot and that. On July 30 minutes for her to be the first one but once who she made it like. All my county have a star. Legal and daddy's newfound love for trick shots quickly becoming their new quarantine hobby. If it's a pretty standard shock she can make it went in their first two or three times fetching a fan base along the way. Albeit accidentally with this one on one bucket on video I remember we went out and actor Michael later and no authority a million views and my. Or are smells like. I'm so confused like I had no idea. What are they can't let it it is to get it there until Hilo apparently Denney saying some of his personal favorite trick shots were dis one called my biggest stand. And this one. Shot so the bushy chutes and off the balcony just because it was so rewarding good that I'm like this I had did you bad days. Jessica hope that's about all though did he says the shots that take the longest to get right like this. Aren't leave Lowe's fault it's more human error than her Aaron that would cause our shots dig a little longer. So it's safe to say in some cases that Li lo is more athletic and you are. Odd guy. No no fireworks specifically but I doubt it doubling those stickers are and Doug nurses are like it's time well spent it go away from the room we've stressed from work in just and it just. Get away from all the technology Q and that's one thing like sting and screening. Denny encourages any pet owners to try something new with their pets to break that quarantine routine he also says they're looking for new trick shot ideas. Slide into their GM's at air cork on kicked off current program well we love it thank hair out.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Lilo has racked up millions of views online. ABC's Will Ganss talks to Lilo’s dad about the talent they only discovered in quarantine. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73214097","title":"Trick shot corgi goes viral","url":"/WNN/video/trick-shot-corgi-viral-73214097"}