Trouble in Chris Brown's Relationship With Rihanna?

The on-again and off-again couple have ended their relationship, again.
3:52 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Trouble in Chris Brown's Relationship With Rihanna?
-- -- -- community -- have an area Chris brown and Rihanna. Apparently calling it quits this is according to a source -- and that's been talking to. That they say the insider says that they are off. And they can close that chapter was -- on -- -- on again off again type -- thing and apparently Rihanna is we shifted their focus on her career business ventures. Reportedly there's no other man. -- -- -- But what else can happen I think it's they've seen around town with. Someone has a really bad I don't know about microwave source exclusively. So they go well after what they've been through controversial religion you have to wonder what happened this time for -- and finally and who knows maybe it is good to get a for a long time and talent at you have yet people are there giving her the black and the whole thing. Say that Joseph a lot of K so you I UN Dancing With The Stars fan I want to from time to time haven't been so good this season I've got to be honest with you but I he had been watching and Andy Dick -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- and fell more than anybody flat. Say they actually did something pretty personal last night me they didn't dance that kind of symbolize the best year of their lives that was Jason. And Clinton event in action we've got via the top ones here in the gym this extraordinary. Tally showed up and -- -- -- getting a standing -- prevention. She within -- And then -- Disney stars and Diana she just. You nailed it as usual she's just. Such a natural and -- -- Kellie Pickler. It has just been -- -- it so far she's I just think she's incredible and she can't to a song performed by her. -- welcome to rule out he's -- live which has really cool head chicks got teary eyed at the end of the dance and then. The people coming out the bottom the reality TV star. At least seven they undercut -- got eighteen out of thirty after she had a rough week she up tainted during practice. But she pulled it together fifteen minutes before she was scheduled to perform something out there and and gave her best. Good stuff. It's -- up beyoncé and Jay-Z we mentioned last week in the skinny that they went to Cuba there was little controversy about that how they get there won't what was that all about. -- on the up and up apparently. The -- cultural trip was licensed by the US. The Treasury Department according to a source familiar with the trip to make they traveled legally to Communist Cuba and they're great vacation but everything on the up and that's not -- -- -- this one it was a cultural trip and they had all the proper permits and nothing was an. Just pay -- -- now up pretty embarrassing mistake for Britney Spears she was asked about what she thought about. And that's been a -- death and she said that's great. One obviously she misheard the question she's yet he's back place and that's what she said she apologize said she. Misheard -- question that she was asked earlier and she corrected -- that I am devastated to hear about the passing of an effort to cello. Saying that she was just a real inspiration because of course they were both musketeers. That's that is exactly right and net financial debt than before my time but I remember the reruns -- -- -- you don't really isn't just being blown away by how. Look at her she's just such a great natural gas. She has its -- that camera. -- Well it's not about to Kate Middleton she says the baby is due in mid July and that's about -- said it sees as we've said it's. It's a mid July baby and of course actually the follow up questions are all trying to find out boy girl. -- -- I can't stand up not gonna get any of that to sometime in mid July. Right wing members in -- -- well -- make the top ten and a strategy cancer early.

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{"id":18911684,"title":"Trouble in Chris Brown's Relationship With Rihanna? ","duration":"3:52","description":"The on-again and off-again couple have ended their relationship, again.","url":"/WNN/video/trouble-chris-browns-relationship-rihanna-18911684","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}