Trump's Doctor's Note

Donald Trump received a note from his doctor explaining his good strength and stamina.
2:11 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for Trump's Doctor's Note
Hey good morning M rated nine and number two thank you would be told stories on Tuesday to 750. We begin with the writes for the president and Donald Trump's don't does not they won't pay to release its petition says strongest physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. And he claims if trump wins the White House he will. BV healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. Trump and takes other Republicans will face off tonight in that bass the bites of the talent you. A Maryland man has been charged with a receiving thousands of dollars from nicest. To carry out a terror attack on American soil Mohammed Alice if not week was arrested for attempting to provide material support to a terror organization. FBI agents were suspicious when he started getting money orders from Egypt does not charge. Phil Coles fee is fighting back against seven of the more than fifty women who have accused him of sexual misconduct he's filed a defamation count to seek to instant. Claiming he suffered serious solved because of that accusation the women's lawyer says caused his legal action it's as simple retaliation. A Florida Panhandle hospital to get an accident scene at south after an SUV. Crashed into the yard two people were hospitalized was injured in the crash. The elderly driver was not a month and he had been pulled into a parking lot but somehow accelerated. And Hollywood boulevard was locked down tight that the best dog last night the Tinseltown's biggest friendly yet in recent memory. It was an amazing sight storm troopers on a red culprit that stretched the Hoff a mild. And the most at least LA list celebrities last night's Grammy ever stall walls the bulls awakens. We show it to VIP crowds in three separate businesses including including the TLC to T Seattle. Chinese kids who by the original stall walls plays Betsy eight years ago the film opens to the public. Thursday nights there. And I think a fantastic and who wouldn't secret PO RTD to claim that the homeless I don't they've got to be their crops again. China and I don't spoil it hasn't even on FaceBook on. It what is it at ABC news I mean and I and it Richard thank thank force has awakened the lake and white.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Donald Trump received a note from his doctor explaining his good strength and stamina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35770556","title":"Trump's Doctor's Note","url":"/WNN/video/trumps-doctors-note-35770556"}