The Ultimate International Video Proposal

One man lip-syncs to The Proclaimers in 26 countries to make a wedding proposal video.
2:57 | 05/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Ultimate International Video Proposal
Already time for the -- -- we still enjoy our. -- -- Americans that -- -- evolving cast OK we're starting out with an in a credible proposal video we see it all the time again. This fun though surely his act -- so this guy's name is Jack -- he apparently met a fellow University of Montana student Rebecca has done there back in 2010 and decided that. He was gonna marry -- -- So insensitive to. 26 different countries and littlest things in every. They went to a little bit of that song by the proclaimed let's -- I'm -- -- it happened about. What -- all. Location. They have -- Cambodia is real China Greece France London Turkey. Goes on and on. Pretty cool vertical I think he's -- get -- -- a lot of world but this one's awesome. You know dogs help out we'll check this out roll video charted -- help for the mob changes to -- -- -- I think really gets a fresh -- there -- it over to the mom's change in her little. Daughter there and gets -- hot by the carries the dirty diaper now in his mouth no less over to the garbage cans. -- and in the -- I -- this -- -- himself to death. It's time for anyone. From the intrepid sea air space -- Politics and foreign wars on the -- there all the -- that's the world news -- A Catholic an amazing tricks on the web in the -- that still. -- -- It's late at night your -- -- and you're not wearing pants so grab your world news in my -- Everybody did and have some fun BM power and creator -- and out in the world. The world who. -- -- That's the world news -- -- Who cares what the bosses think the Arab goofy room and your neighbors call the cops is all you have to do. When -- -- -- -- any talent it's news to. That's the world news -- Here on the intrepid and they all think anchors away. It's the same old news now anchors never stayed. Five -- days every week we are here without -- -- -- and the world lose hope. We'll see you Monday everybody.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"One man lip-syncs to The Proclaimers in 26 countries to make a wedding proposal video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23838410","title":"The Ultimate International Video Proposal","url":"/WNN/video/ultimate-international-video-proposal-23838410"}