Viral Rap Video Teaches About DNA

Students' rap about DNA becomes a viral video.
2:55 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for Viral Rap Video Teaches About DNA
I next time studying DNA in school might not be too -- -- you know what. When you put it to a really good hip hop badly it's pretty cool. This is a seventh grade teacher atomic -- UNS class studying DNA and they came up with this it's pretty awesome journalist. -- nobody will move on zombie. You read that we mom and children. Won't make you -- Spain doing names oh -- But he's not -- hasn't -- no -- movement. To a recent news -- Norma and those changes are now for the news agency as you agree when I learned about any -- that right. -- and remember that for the rest of their lives really good stuff that's the way to do it. -- -- about linking verbs and English class my teacher mrs. -- on him. Like third grade and I remember she sat back to Yankee -- were not -- -- cool -- that I still remember the so there you go out. Here's got a good way to learn that's illegal bat your something -- adorable and I know that the pets don't like it but still it's just so cool. It's Halloween time. And we got some scary penthouse military and they're not -- absolutely adorable this is spring and I'm French and -- next best thing in our Robbins. -- About that. Here's hipster. That's my favorite -- and I miss him joining the glasses are in currently just like flannel shirt trivia -- classes that would absolutely. In the finals and -- -- -- for a living room right now we don't like it leave eleven. Here is dinosaur kitty just for -- this -- out. -- Huffington Post. We want you to share or start sharing your Halloween -- and donkey costumes. They get you get hurt trying to put academy cost him they take kindly to stuff we -- so obviously they're going to. I don't like this quiet and they -- it they eat that you. Dot com and share yours -- the entire month we're gonna have all kinds of Halloween themed. Segments and one of them will be your thoughts about Cher -- it's time to talk sexy reading -- -- -- the picture this man do you think he's sexy Diana. I just see you cannot put him -- put -- -- irony is sexy man yeah -- David Beckham sexy man now incredibly sexy. Let this -- -- sort of hit on something there there's a new study out that finds that yes -- could mean women would prefer. Barry White David Beckham when it comes to speech and that women that find that men with masculine little -- -- are better at attracting women. At least a short time. Yeah because apparently feel the higher warns -- -- he -- more marriage material and more faithful and find the guys would do. Voices and they'd rather have a fling with these guys to take perceive them to be -- --

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{"id":20594911,"title":"Viral Rap Video Teaches About DNA","duration":"2:55","description":"Students' rap about DNA becomes a viral video.","url":"/WNN/video/viral-rap-video-teaches-dna-20594911","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}