Weekend Work Emails Are Illegal In France

A new French labor reform bill bans companies with 50 or more employees from sending or receiving emails during off-hours.
2:55 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Weekend Work Emails Are Illegal In France
And it is a mix on this national blueberry cheesecake day. I don't celebrate I did plan to bring you some Tuesday. But I might have that done to town or Jenna marina found pot. Her. An average of pick yet some juniors. Alex you've never had I've never had changed its soul right you'll get a first or in the next fall. They celebrate after the Good Friday and you don't get your dad Tex going to town on its oak. Basically are we get so many emails over the weekend and France has made it illegal and actual amendment that says. You are not allowed to get her sent or received were emails. Over the weekend if your medium sized to large company the French labor law. Is banning companies from having. Employees send or receive emails after typical work hours does that include companies that make his case is what it you an emergency and anymore. Because you're already halfway government that sliced cheese cake at an early twenty seconds into the segment from death records that's a that's a great concept that is very breath but I love the concept. Good stuff packed show. Never tried to read every intern in addition not by anthem before you actually not one I just if they say they're eighteen and above I'm like. Friday rich. And there's no milked the way to get tougher that. Nobody got I'm better at wolf somebody did the have to listen to this. They did this study of Norway. They read through the average users amount of apps about thirty apps for bonds. How long it took to read through all the terms and conditions on that many apps you have 31 hours 49 minutes. While eleven seconds it came out to 900 pages. 200 that he doesn't work the longer than Moby Dick and longer than ten minutes. Probably combined but who knew that but all those terms and conditions that badly I can't as the biggest culprit 54 pages it took two and a half hours just to read that one apps. Terms and conditions Diane loves herself free and apparently there's a new study that says people who take cell fees. Actually feel as if they're more attractive. Then they actually are out they said 800 people takes up please send 92 did not take so please routinely and they apparently think they're beautiful the people who routinely takes opens saint. I mean I don't really think that I look that while. I dragged here. Literate and here's something up about that marked by Bart thanks. I thank you landmark that's both overestimating your beauty there looking good quick hadn't taken a something who. Fumble fumbles I am the day is and we bombed. Computers are the. We know whether what they would do if your agenda on an island right yes well one pick up put the question would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone you hate his answer. With someone I hate so then I would have something to eat.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A new French labor reform bill bans companies with 50 or more employees from sending or receiving emails during off-hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39390244","title":"Weekend Work Emails Are Illegal In France","url":"/WNN/video/weekend-work-emails-illegal-france-39390244"}