Women face off at the polls

Two women - both doctors - will go head-to-head in a Democratic primary for a highly contested congressional district in Washington. ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports.
4:13 | 08/07/18

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Transcript for Women face off at the polls
I won't we're now less than three months away from the first meeting with election sends the inauguration. A president child you have the voters in five states head to the polls today and ABC's newly minted deputy political director Mary Ellis park's is here. On the sale with less tell us all about these two interest in candidates now let's find to be here thank you are having in sort. Focus on one at democratic primary contests out in Washington State there are two doctors both getting into politics for the first time. The running against each other hoping to put their medical expertise to use on Capitol Hill. Doctor Kim try or checks her insulin and blood sugar levels between each campaign stop. So my blood sugars like putting far right now you can. That means that I am okay to go up in front of the holding people back they don't have anything to him back and I am really really excited to have you here. She was diagnosed a type one diabetes at age sixteen. And says her experience with a preexisting condition is part of what she brings to the table in her congressional race. I've learned that our medical system is really in medical non system and frankly I bring a perspective it is. Absolutely missing in congress we have not talked Strider was a pediatrician for more than fifteen years before deciding to step up. As she says and run for office for the first time that the 2010 election wins a huge wakeup call and I really have. Deep concerns about the health and the well being of my patients. Under this administration in so many ways and so I'm really going to bat. For then from her knowledge of insurance policy to ideas for bringing down the cost of drugs. Shire says perhaps a doctor knows best even on Capitol Hill it's easy to transition Fran. What I do and sit with patients. I listen to concerns and I a jointly problem solved and that is exactly what you do as a member of congress and what of her opponents agrees. Because she's a doctor to doctor Shannon hader grew up in the district but dedicated her life to treating patients. And epidemics around the world she managed teams in Washington DC at the Centers for Disease Control. I was inside this administration as a senior leader at CDC Fred Imus. So seeing him inside. The agency's even one like CDC which is not particularly political polarize and how much is being actively. Dismantled. Peter says she is proud to have a high percentage of women on her staff. And many moms volunteering on her team its interest. Thing though beef is oftentimes you can't let. Well why as a woman running against a woman in her life that doctor running against doctor that you also noticed we don't say why is a man wrecking a man elects a lawyer running against a lawyer. The two women say competition is good with health care front and center on the minds of voters. A new voice in Washington is in this case just let these doctors order. Now there is another Democrat in this race to a prosecutor who was also very competitive and also running for the first time. Guys this is a district that Democrats have had our eyes on for a long time is really purple. Republican currently holds the seat but he's retiring and Hillary Clinton won errant 2016. It's one of those key races there that the Democrats are sending a lot of money to but. All across the country to seems to be the trend we're talking about the blue wave there does appear to be. In this pink wave that is taking place. Absolutely I mean it's unique obviously to have two women in that one race yet but there is this phenomenal around the country of that trend scientists. Researchers all these women with diverse backgrounds. Leaving those professions behind and stepping up into politics. How little more established politicians people would've been joining us our parent Chris re acting somebody's first timers that are entering the racists. I think it realizing there's a frustration among voters out there. They just what new voices in Washington so may voters just say that they Watson in new. And you voices they'll possibly get just wait until these doctors find out how little congressional leaders get paid. Our thanks very Alice thank you being here with us.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Two women - both doctors - will go head-to-head in a Democratic primary for a highly contested congressional district in Washington. ABC News' MaryAlice Parks reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57076926","title":"Women face off at the polls","url":"/WNN/video/women-face-off-polls-57076926"}