Letting Loose on 'The Bachelor'

The women tell all about Juan Pablo.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Letting Loose on 'The Bachelor'
Max -- bottom Suzanne that means wouldn't talk about the bachelor Mandela got sent home last eight on the show and said it was time for the winning to tell all. Oh joining us all the juicy details our senior bachelor analyst Jack good to be better get it to -- -- John. Women telling all. They they came -- pretty strong last night in -- and a half's worth of combat has to work maybe not that much but nonetheless for -- the first day. You know they they get the win it all out there could Sandra and some of the others were slamming. JP basically for not paying enough attention to them let's hear what they had to say. When you date someone you connect to someone and you know about their past and you know what their child you know about what I can't keep that -- -- and what. Color what their favorite color is I don't think you're asking those. I mean and why didn't he one point where do you see yourself in five years and then the next conversation me he asked me -- -- -- than three years. I don't like. That five yeah. Just it just kinda like. Is standing right in the highlight you know you -- -- let's say. Last understands and -- There you go. Oops that's tough let's start there have -- some other charges that were brought by some of the some of these did the women using his daughter. Cut me off. For his own for his own devices. Changing the rules moving the proverbial gold post. In football or soccer terms not being respectful and using -- honesty as a crutch. So this got a little -- Dicey from time to time. It's up to and JP joins the festivities. He -- he'll walk on there was some applause it's veterans get the idea he had to address that honesty issue. So let's I think he tried to clarify let's hear what he had to say. I've been on -- since day one to all of you spend some -- that happens to see Melinda rude and yeah sometimes it happens to be that way but at the same time. I rather not being appreciated being honest they're being appreciated not being not well. They go. He cleared that up didn't it. I don't -- -- right moving on want to -- also said he wouldn't change your thinking about anything that went down. And he has no regrets about any of his -- dizzying over. How we said certain things that set her up one more -- we should say we saw in the in there in the clip. She said that that no matter what has also -- -- about the fantasy suite etc. quote he what does it mean. Excuse me he wasn't mean to me. So there was you know at issue is being me an answer -- was just being being one problem -- weird. Tough night for -- Gonzales whatever but -- look forward to next week. The big finale the merciful finale to the cases in the -- hopefully mr. -- -- JP's Saint Lucia. Who knows what's gonna happen if you read the the headlines at at the that the the supermarket you know check -- line we'll see what happens tomorrow -- your tissues video defibrillator. Popular vacation soon. We're promised something never before seen on the bachelor I gotta go there -- They. Finale next week let's move on best -- this morning Scarlett Johansson she's expecting her first -- Gary Kelly ending -- to from a French journalists that the two don't seem to be in any hurry to tie the knot there are reports. That -- -- star is about five months along which would put the due date in late spring or early summer. Congrats to them. I stark reminder about the gulf but sometimes exist between Hollywood glamour and reality mark Todd -- who was nominated for an Oscar in his -- Bayern captain Phillips. He's -- We have a New Yorker Magazine reports that -- earned 65000. Dollars for the film more than two years ago when he gets occurred DL when he -- -- but otherwise. He got a more constructive -- polite says. Doesn't seem right -- if you wondering about that piece of data showed up at the Oscars if he was the real deal we have your answer this morning he was indeed a real pizza man co owner of -- A pizzeria in Hollywood -- invited him on her show -- he said the Oscar appearance with a complete surprise. You don't -- he thought he was making a delivery to some light years until Allen popped up. He ended up on things. You left before Aggie yell why did get a tip and I passed from animals had around and I ended up getting about 600 dollars something like. I think growth for the pizza man he's -- huge fan and Julia Roberts got to deliver that pizza directly or get a thousand dollar tip -- told. I know it. -- -- Christ can you imagine -- get a call you think it isn't going to meet the writers.

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{"id":22763085,"title":"Letting Loose on 'The Bachelor'","duration":"3:00","description":"The women tell all about Juan Pablo.","url":"/WNN/video/women-tell-all-the-bachelor-juan-pablo-22763085","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}