Adele's "Hello" Breaks Records

Singer's newest single, "Hello," sets a new record with over one million sold in digital sales.
3:36 | 11/03/15

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Transcript for Adele's "Hello" Breaks Records
Pleading atop this morning that narrowing field of talent on Dancing With The Stars it was a good night it was a good night a lot of great performances and one of the show's most talented competitors so. Got the boot into the ballroom we go for a week eight of competition and once again. Give atop the leaderboard fan favorite video went she and partner Derek Hough pulled in at 2830. Went there you see hot fox trot year's crop the Tim Margaret's NN partner valve. Continued their streak of consistency also getting a 28 for their paso doble but it could've been higher as judge Carrie and noted. She lifted her foot during the routine old Noelle don't do that and she wouldn't have beaten Nick Carter though because he got. Perfect scores emotional contemporary routine. With partner shot you know. We need to nurture with Killian saying it was quote and teens and we should mention he made news at the end of that saying that. He and his wife are expecting a baby boy. Huge bet that's. That's where. But unfortunately anti Grammer did not have the best dancers singers routine was dad's pretty harshly earning him the lowest score had to prompt CEO later. I have great night's events such great capital season it's been so hot line particularly death and as many Hubert. The Grammy Award winning singer Adele back on the scene yes and after a long hiatus her newly released single has just broken a record already do the song appropriately titled. Below is the first. Ever to sell over one million downloads in its first week with one point one million she shatters old writer's previous record of six. Thousand Broadway brown. Hello to Dell's first single recruit coming third album 25. It's about average when if it's also worth song to reach number one what is true talents tea. Florida held of record on the previous rhetoric about The Beatles heard. Beyoncé and OK well that's that we were treated to a seasonal favorite. Parents check their kids into thinking that they held a Halloween. In the chemicals at every year as last night he did not disappoint. Oh yeah parent game. Eli. Even. Yeah agents or any. I had all of it down through. But don't like yeah. Yeah. Jacques yeah. It breaks my heart zenith. I can't get back at history every Teva. They don't lie like that about veggies had had a death. OK and finally. Turkeys are Joyce Star Trek is officially returning to TV what kind of went nearly fifty years after the original series certainly in Shatner and. Let her leave law aprilia previous premiere in new edition of the side by empires and announced according to Hollywood reporter. This is looking for Peter first. Person cast. Okay and how it works the pilot episode will premiere on CBS and 2017 but will quickly be beamed up to its subscription streaming service. Or to act decisively free this time coming up the latest new racist it's no wheels necessary grab your grow and then head out to the course.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Singer's newest single, \"Hello,\" sets a new record with over one million sold in digital sales. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34930717","title":"Adele's \"Hello\" Breaks Records","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-adeles-breaks-records-34930717"}