Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

ABC's Lana Zak has the latest on a doctor in isolation in New York City after testing positive for Ebola.
2:43 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola
Storm the latest American test positive for Ebola a New York City dock Dirk in isolation as we speak the doctrine in treating Ebola patients in the West African nation of Guinea. He was out about a New York the 40s temperatures spiked yesterday morning. ABC's London Zach joins us live with the latest good morning Hannah. Morning arena this morning the disease detectives have identified for close contact that they're going to be actively monitoring. While the bowling Alley than the patient recently visited is being completely scrubbed they're taking no chances. Here in New York the words no one wanted to hear. Today. Testing confirmed that a patient. Here in New York City has tested positive horrible. Inside Bellevue hospital 33 year old doctor Craig Spenser who had been in Guinea fighting Ebola for Doctors Without Borders. He returned to New York via Brussels last week early. Thursday's temperature hit 100 include decreased one of the first signs people. Ian even protected few lessons of Bellevue hospital the kids. In recent weeks holding drills. Preparing for the possibility of people striking America's largest city isn't the worst case scenario the bowl in New York it's it's really not New York City has one of the best health departments in the country is so there than their better prepared than I would I would think. Just about anyplace in the US. Though many in the city are on and the governor wants to reassured the public that it's here in New York creates more freight. Europe is advanced place. A lot of people on top of each other. But the more facts you know the less frightening this situation news. And even though we now know that Spencer took several subway trips. We're being told by a public health authorities not to panic about that it is extremely unlikely that he could have transmitted Ebola to anybody else on those trains. In fact any sort of transmission from up a dry surface. To a person has never been found arena today meant to good reminder Atlanta how his New York better prepared Vanessa let's say Dallas. New York be an international city it was always preparing itself for this possibility so it has been. Training all of its doctors its its health personnel. As well as its first responders and they believe in they have put very strong protocols in place including eight different hospitals throughout the state that were ready to accept any Ebola patients. It ABC's let us that for us this morning. Has a lot of people concerned a lot of anxiety but again like the governor said that the more you know the less worried you are so does get the information out there. And we Kelsey.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"ABC's Lana Zak has the latest on a doctor in isolation in New York City after testing positive for Ebola.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26419772","title":"Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-doctor-tests-positive-ebola-26419772"}