Donald Trump Boosts "SNL" Ratings

The presidential candidate's guest appearance on "Saturday Night Live" helped the show's ratings soar.
3:50 | 11/09/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump Boosts "SNL" Ratings
Lee is off this morning Donald Trump bought Nationale and the numbers are in for much sense of anticipated episode. The Republican presidential candidate helped deliver the show their highest rating since Jerry gulf view 2012. The preliminary Nielsen ratings almost strong didn't translate to the numbers trop. Has helped bring in for the GOP debates his performance also. Drive some very mixed reaction. Not to mean people were all that fond that there have been some rave reviews however for Larry David returning as. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. So America. If you believe that I didn't I need you don't go home. Ultimate closet. Punch up that you dumped an upside down. I'm sending all the pennies not a lot of it. I'd Bernie Sanders. I want jump back to Patti Smith. Who felt so good ticket double take as it really Bert Ayers you kind of think you wonder and so this is what he was out of character graduate even heckled from during his monologue calling him a racist in reference to the protests outside the studio David said he was paid 5000 dollars to do it. I'm responded with quote as a businessman to fully respect he hit the picket. A case of turning next is superstar skier Lindsey on the Olympic gold medal champion ended up in the hospital over the weekend. After trying to break up a dog fight how she was true to wrestle away frisbee from our two dogs. When she suffered some bites on her hand for hiring a trip to the ER for some stitches. She posted a video on social media from the hospital and making and choke that it was. A part of a Jimmy Fallon Halloween costume reference in his recent tumble you have we'll found responded to Yvonne on Twitter saying. Although I was thinking mind open. And wishing her a speedy recovery and we do to. Because ski season and I'm not and you know it's only a couple of weeks away. When out to a follow up to a skinny story from last week a major auction. Music memorabilia and the big ticket items guitars stolen from John Lennon the 1962 Gibson acoustic. Sold for. Mind boggling 2.4 million dollars even though Lennon owned it for about a year. It was use up to record the hits love me do it and PS I love you. It was also said to have been used in writing the hits I wanna hold your hand then. All my loving with Paul McCartney of this month's group half the proceeds will go to the spirit foundation a charitable organization. That was founded by Lennon's widow Yoko Ono. The winner of the multi million dollar guitar. Has wished to remain anonymous I would too. I think ten points or yeah I want coming here as part of this option remember there were some interest in items of were of forbid including. Kurt cobain's green sweater that's right and a lock of his hair was again. You can that you're into but on the open them and finally a question if the guitar played by John Lennon fetched nearly two. And a half million dollars how much would an instrument licked by Miley Cyrus sell for aria yeah. But Davis oh my goodness he's really gonna do it goes in for apparently this one got over fifty grant. This past week and a pop star you mr. Todd in an effort to up the bidding on a piano being auctioned for charity Tyrus was asked actually get. And she. She actually did. Okay so it worked because 50000 dollars was donated to the Los Angeles LG BT center. Cyrus is there as an honored recipients of their vanguard award for work in helping to LG BT community and homeless youth I gotta say looking at that that's. One way to tickled the ivory I.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The presidential candidate's guest appearance on \"Saturday Night Live\" helped the show's ratings soar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35068343","title":"Donald Trump Boosts \"SNL\" Ratings","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-donald-trump-boosts-snl-ratings-35068343"}