World News Now: Friday, April 25, 2014

In today's news: doctors killed in Kabul; what's a zonkey?
2:33 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for World News Now: Friday, April 25, 2014
This firefighter and doesn't just put out its assets into -- and you thought I know I'll go set fire. Yeah. ABC's world news national. And Carolina Democrats and John Mueller a top stories on this Friday April 25 we're learning new details about the shooting deaths of three American doctors at a hospital in Afghanistan. One of the victims -- -- -- was Chicago pediatrician for sixteen years before moving to Afghanistan. Police say the attacker was a member of the Afghan public protection force that'd been assigned to guard the hospital he was wounded during the attack. And was operated on by the colleagues in the doctors who had been killed. An actual mystery near Naples Florida this convenience store surveillance video shows the newest powerball millionaire he's -- bald man with the sunglasses on his head and the tattoo on his right biceps. This is the moment he found out his ticket had all six numbers in Wednesday's drawing. -- has sixty days to come forward and collect the jackpot it's nearly a 150 million dollars that's nearly 85 million bucks in a lump sum up before taxes. -- -- buy everything else from Amazon why not some groceries the giant online retailer plans to offer prime pantry to its prime subscribers. With expanded selection of everyday grocery items shipping will be just six bucks for whatever fits in the standard -- -- to 45 pounds. Amazon keeps track of the shipments -- -- customers shop on line. And is due in Mexico has a brand new baby to brag about not because it's a newborn. The because it's a rare hybrid. It's a donkey and than usual cross between a zebra and a donkey and it's named -- and it was born this week. So how did this happen local news mother is a female zoo they brought the house at the zoo and the fathers of blue -- albino donkey that lives in a nearby farm well. As it turns out the donkey was a regular visitor at the zoo to the zebra and for -- nature took its courts. Not -- and you -- you -- a have a conflict finally want to tell you about a milestone you are now one of 400000. World news now based. And counting. We want to thank you for joining us and that is so huge -- really do appreciate all of you. That's it must get more news any time I'm Diana -- John Mueller have a good weekend and thanks for watching. This is ABC's world news now available anytime anywhere you want to -- -- -- NBC news America's number one source.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"In today's news: doctors killed in Kabul; what's a zonkey?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23465525","title":"World News Now: Friday, April 25, 2014","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-headlines-april-25-2014-23465525"}