Instagram Model Quits Social Media

Essena O'Neill reveals the poignant truths behind her photos and vows to quit social media.
2:52 | 11/03/15

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Transcript for Instagram Model Quits Social Media
Today announced that for the next they're also to Clinton's right juice Clint Session green tops. What about eight stealthy social media types why it's one it's what one model in Australian eighteen year old gallons you're right there she. Took these photos and she decided to edit the captions. Beautiful model and she edited that to really reflect what actually went on. She did three years of posting these different photos on its gotten 500000. Followers 500500. And instead. She launched on that video. This is a video of her without the makeup and it's a campaign called let's be gained two dangers and she realized after a week of doing this if not posting. Being so active on social media she realized she listened to more and she had more time I was less stressed out at much happier because you're not trying to. What not everybody else does your photos. Well good for her will take your followers. Can't. You lectures nationally and not do it it would get. Ever go to the airport see the TSA dog tango I want one of those. What value can't have TSA is actually given up for adoption some of their canine. Of course you would OK so they're looking for some new homes heard dogs that are either retired or just. Didn't quite make the cut did dogs. Range in age from two to ten and on any given day about twelve to 24 dogs are available for adoption. Now are these dogs that went through the program some perhaps they've they might be detecting bombs around the house and crackers and that's next after all but yes. You have an extreme sport. And you can just going to TSA website and depth and find the dogs let me. I don't think I look for to the Atlanta minister that I think you're getting into a elevator rides the longer boring thanks to this one company. The hunt we're about silence or bad elevator music. This is that Rosetta to created agency out of San Francisco they decided upgrade their elevator make it less trapped. So they have different modes as disk others relaxing I think this one might be sort of dispel voter blackness definitely yup I can't Alec. They're scary miscellaneous apparently it posted this. On YouTube by Shane west and it's gotten viral 35000 instantly Karen Carpenter what he let it get better all right so. Check out this guy Josh Davis he was so confident last Tuesday that the Mets would win it all he decided to get attached to know he'd get it does a typical movies. I did his tweet that he set out before hand he set about to make a big mistake possible. Why that's a tattoo that he ended up where he says he doesn't regret it at all the funny thing about it on the other side he also has the president kind gates when he twenty. That's just kinda awkward. Four way. Morning's cabinet.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Essena O'Neill reveals the poignant truths behind her photos and vows to quit social media. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34930668","title":"Instagram Model Quits Social Media ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-instagram-model-quits-social-media-34930668"}