Making The Perfect Pie

ABC's Nikki Battiste is in the kitchen to find out how to make the perfect pie crust.
3:43 | 11/21/14

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Something not cooking the main meal for Thanksgiving next week even beside her disturbed. Analyst pipe right. But the bright crest cashing scare people yet sits kind of tricky but they're not all used by empire maker itself for the ride it was evening but he's. Some cactus. Oh. From its shelves pies and etiquette and we are about the show you how to make apple caramel and high. Just in time for the holidays are. This is Michelle Stuart 27 time national pie baking champion she's gonna show us her secrets to her perfect apple carnal. From hi. There were enemy aircraft from here you wanna get involved they involved excellent silly clear she's a bigger news during the past. Yet been OK so are any is our existence of flour and teaspoon. This officer Hyder who is no engine yes if they don't see anybody Connecticut filling the night everybody's making good hike. And this is and I'll be all that yes the classic crest out it was kind of gently. Dennis does he lakeside pieces saint mountainous debts. And most important Michelle secret is keep everything hold you for ice water. The crystalline refrigerator writes for the day on their refrigerator let us plan our. There. This at a moment this is a moment I can never get in the pipe is not calling mark ever he's. Can be intimidated I it is what could hammer perhaps they look very easy as his very stressful. This excellent good as the tank crimping the animal story that is beautiful linen. Press with his thumb and index fingers. You got your facts now we have to get conscious talking apples not apples. I personally love Portland Apple's. Now are happily done. Turning to move on making our apple makes. Once it's mixed in an airport over the apple mixing apples and a Humana had Carmel to the bottom the pie shell. And then you're gonna put your apples and everything's altogether we're gonna make her crumb topping. Monday the unless yet and it's just sorry around him with love yes. There are going to be placing in the oven Halloween events played a vacant for about an hour. News. Yeah. Call one do you drizzle not sound US free reign of rain that. Reading try it here's CNN cheers pregnant this fact that. What elevenths plane yes. Can you come over for Thanksgiving. Obviously I'm from. Wow looks amazing we're gonna try this is. This is what Nikki baker pool. While the crust is a big deal man. Votes but the apples are so fresh you can actually tastes that that Timothy crooks know it's pretty good apparently Crisco did you notice. Actually has a hotline if you have if you're in trouble next week 1877. For high (%expletive) at apple are tied to get some real thing about Turkey calling the local hotline they actually how wonderful the content to let you convert the Turkey people get over it you can't burn the pot people get Moldova and they're yeah they didn't pick since he never happened worry about it back. You burn the pot. Then you have people talking about things get. That's not the political itemize Britain. And be right back but with a total of boredom and traffic and we definitely lose.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"ABC's Nikki Battiste is in the kitchen to find out how to make the perfect pie crust.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27074813","title":"Making The Perfect Pie","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-making-perfect-pie-27074813"}