Miley Cyrus Hosts MTV Video Music Awards

Nicki Minaj confronted Miley Cyrus live on stage over a recent interview.
3:49 | 08/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus Hosts MTV Video Music Awards
OK welcome back if any MTV music awards edition Miley Cyrus I don't she says that they gave of the jobs of the she wouldn't have to perform especially after that working episode a couple of years ago. But Miley put on a show anyway with a costume changes. Her first appearance arriving down a slide some others featured at lipstick skirted. Sickens me is I barely there halter top. Sparkly coat with the apartment ink. The call her two part number and finally tightly. A silvery out and she calls conservatives. And Halloween costume ideas that are yes that's going to be ripped off course for. And new demonize as she opened the show with a medley of her songs bend a surprise duet. We Taylor Swift if you circling each other this was bad blood. A tense reminder may be of a Twitter spat they have previously over B Emmy nominee. I remember that in Nicki went on to win the best hip hop video award but didn't hold up behind the wrist for talking to report about it. Back soon. And had a lot to say about need the dean of red Miley looked good. Eight. Yeah isn't to say we'll do interviews and we all know mother manipulate. Nikki think god relations. And just because that the image that he's. Okay. Little WW Aileen Eaton. And this is them this is no two plus QBU revelers are sure that this is that nothing this is this is no ice cube NWA. Sort of now the maybe it wasn't should assume no we're not sure that this is very toned down compared with those guys just get down. A moment though for Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Taylor presenting Kanye with the Michael Jackson video vanguard award for calling that might historic VM a moment when Kanye a member rushed onto the stage and. Who tested reward which got over Johnson Catholic high gave scrambling acceptance speech. Here partly to its he admitted he had smoked a little some. I'll take the edge off. But it elicited some Baxter. When I'm in the grocery store my daughter. And I have a really great conversation. About. Fresh juice sometimes I feel like at diet for the artist's opinion. Well artists to be able to have an opinion asked did they were successful. I don't understand when the Big Apple's biggest video is. Outfit comp lit dipped prop. I just want it people like to be more but as you've probably critic guessed by this moment. I have decided it into when he to a need to run for president. The but that. Would be very interest you know public run we do in the corner of the street. All right what is up with Justin Bieber he performed aware are you now his new and his new single what do you mean the music to the death scenes were great. Then he was elected to the raptors in up little light and when he landed he put his head in his hands Annie started to. A very emotional for some reason. Mother hide but how about a very upbeat clothes they had to be amazed from Miley who did perform after all. She was. Have this colorful number here a new track called do it on stage with her. A group of famous drag queens in a surprise cameo from the Flaming Lips and then she announced a brand new outlook. Online for free at take home goodie bag for anyone tuning.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Nicki Minaj confronted Miley Cyrus live on stage over a recent interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33427069","title":"Miley Cyrus Hosts MTV Video Music Awards ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-miley-cyrus-hosts-mtv-video-33427069"}