Opening Day for Women's Professional Hockey League

Four teams played Sunday in what marked the first games ever of the U.S. National Women's Hockey League.
2:54 | 10/12/15

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Transcript for Opening Day for Women's Professional Hockey League
And it now it's time for the next I have said over and over this year it is that year 2015. The year of the woman sports events and got great news announcement comes the hockey the first what it. American team they're playing each other take a look at this. It is that they eat the first tonight women's professional hockey league that you see right here this the Boston drivers to Connecticut whale's. And facing off ticket had eighteen game schedule for. They come from backgrounds from all over the world the seasonal run from October to February all women all women they're gonna get paid ten to 25000 dollars plus health insurance. They'll also get 50% cut of their Jersey sales. But it happens 270000. Dollars for that. Well everyone's salary OK and that's how does he have any share of the night. Not yet up here in the coming people there about bad for first second. OK so Cleveland has not had number of legendary catch isn't football career but. Take a look at this incredible capture over the weekend by a Gary Barnett. TC would hard ball ended up there. It got knocked off his opponents and leg. And it ended up between his new I'll really what are they have angle right now and everywhere I viewers about it they're did into the we knew these. And it's legal so we caught up five. Bid it is Suzanne Somers would be very very proud of that. Does this incredible forgetting to describe that look at it pretty happy that that is impressive than they have been laid out here guys. In all of this contract tonight. Let me save you from yourself read this verdict ought to the next story. I've actually talked about you know scream. Yes. Take a look at people could scare. Do you see these. Scream with 23 haunted house reaction just this is an Niagara Falls Canada. This is this so this is the annuity at a concert house and these are their reaction so once they're scared yeah at a camera flash. I thought I'd have a good advice about assisted living really get creeped these hot that even boys into the big picture a couple of be tethered Getty got here. We would have kept a very quick hit look at that they actually see more tape and the adults but daddy got quite sure about turning the corner it has. Are so you have kids in real though that kid's lights and nibble on their nails once in awhile and their parents came up with a similar to realize this month. They came up with edible. Nail polish because you know the real little if toxic feeds from several colors Barley grass green and red and sour. Carrick park. I'm not sure this could happen it. It's dress.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Four teams played Sunday in what marked the first games ever of the U.S. National Women's Hockey League.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34414352","title":"Opening Day for Women's Professional Hockey League ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-opening-day-womens-professional-hockey-34414352"}