Scary Lightning in Australia

Incredible pictures of a lightning storm caught on camera by residents in Australia.
2:49 | 11/24/15

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Transcript for Scary Lightning in Australia
I ordered a start the makes with the end of days it was seen and Australia overnight. Combat take a look at that's how this freaky springtime storm in Australia and we've seen in Brisbane yesterday we're getting word that of this guy. You posted that. This was a reminder to never go to prison in this brings how that video. 28000. Lightning strikes recorded in this storm that took place. 630. That night it's Christina my hometown and before it's considered a lightning capital where we're going to be around for something. I guess for his minutes second close second half. What I wonder could battle the lightning again. For goodness and it's very impressive nobody was part so they received big. But it skew competition Maryland I wanted to get to the winner to solve an entire group of four minutes. Out I yes you're right I want to show you Lucas. Focused eager. Various he's fourteen years old from Lexington Kentucky that was something he saw it in four point nine in the overnight second set I that's way up where Ireland's. Beating the previous record of five point 25. Police at four minutes format helps target in for second yeah. Point nine seconds. Good job we'll have the records apparently evolved over time in 82 of the fastest person you could solve it what it. 22 point 95 sec. Little known fact Justin Bieber connected to that as well that is batsman and specimen itself if you really I have ever seen him do as he can do it apparently. Here's trick you wanna start first they see and solve the white across the route extreme website recommends that you but it creates. White across from the top basically came first the stomach the next phase here. And all of that and four point nine seconds gap while the whole thing he did what. Yeah that works out. Focusing seen this iconic dress of course from The Wizard of Oz said oh is sure I eat you out Ireland well it was sold at auction. Forget this. One point 56 million dollars. Can you believe it. A funny thing about it they're still like some sweat stains method Judy Garland would keep its. A lot of us like the rest of us up their triplets what stands calling yellow brick road Wednesday candidate meg bed. The the buyer has remain anonymous but clearly he is a friend of story. I could atonement party sitting down separately costs but the food you buy cheaper. Apparently British woman what do you do when you have chickens at their feathers out. We'll have that problem you've yet nice sweaters for. Colorful cast to nice lady out England in Cornwall did this for these chickens.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Incredible pictures of a lightning storm caught on camera by residents in Australia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35386149","title":"Scary Lightning in Australia","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-scary-lightning-australia-35386149"}