Tiger Woods' Former Caddie Tells All

Steve Williams says he felt like Tiger Woods' "slave" during his tenure as the pro-golfer's caddie.
3:29 | 11/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiger Woods' Former Caddie Tells All
Larry we'll leading us up this morning some harsh words for Tiger Woods offers former caddie saying quote I felt like I was a slave in his autobiography. Steve Williams who caddied for woods for thirteen years explained how tiger would often quote. Implicitly concert club in the general direction of the fact expecting Williams to go pick it up. He also notes tigers habit of steady at the whole team mess missed. Oh OK and of course. Head off the ports rather. Williams is even more critical of words saying his own life became miserable after the news came out about tiger's affairs William says people thought he was. Found complicit and was an enabler even though he says. He had no idea anything was going on Williamson's book. Out of the truck. Is out today. And it should be interesting desk phones it's your T about Tiger Woods and OK so here in the US how would was hit with its worst weekend at the box office all of all year but across upon it's a totally different story. The British may have Specter the new James Bond film of course earning 63 million. In the UK alone any record for Stephanie release the previous record holder Skype fault. It was the last bond film fest 2012. Scott Paul which also starred Daniel Craig has a seven. Pulled in more than a billion dollars worldwide and opened here in the US with 88 million dollars experts are expecting a similar debut. Here in the states despite the slump in recent weeks it competes with the peanuts movies. This coming Friday. We'll singer and property human eyes is being called out for into Graham post that she's taken down says it shows tonight backstage at an event joking around. Well dressed as a ferry for Halloween but the joking then turns toward someone in a motorized wheelchair. I and. Or joke commanding that person in the wheelchair to walk received lots of backlash. They've been on responded by saying that the person and fares or friend did. Not actually disabled but to her credit doesn't matter because her many fans and followers didn't know. Same Damon out posted an apparent Bill Cosby Halloween costume the caption our generation is so desensitized. Ari. This video. But it's a fair tired and finally let's head around about some celebrity Halloween costume first check out any clue as Jessica and traffic it will. No we can't tell terror right. You know she's effort strutting costumes and it seems to have outdone herself enlisting the help of some professional make up artist transforms. Is that overs. Particular Taylor Swift. As Olof. We could move until up frozen she surprised friends by bringing out he didn't himself onstage for a rendition of what else but let me. JV beyoncé queen beat. Finley did themselves up that king and queen for ready Murphy's coming to America. Between the pool and you see them there. The blue got in on the act I love it can finally LeBron James as a very tall version of friends singing. Purple ring.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Steve Williams says he felt like Tiger Woods' \"slave\" during his tenure as the pro-golfer's caddie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34907379","title":"Tiger Woods' Former Caddie Tells All","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-tiger-woods-caddie-tells-34907379"}