Young Boy Sings and Fights Off Hiccups

A boy sings the Australian National Anthem before a baseball game while battling through his hiccups!
2:55 | 11/23/15

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Transcript for Young Boy Sings and Fights Off Hiccups
And now it's time for the next we'll talk about discrimination. But young kids seven years old. It seems the Australian National Anthem. If he does it with hiccups to collect what. You can't let me pick up stopped a quarter million heads watching this boy and. Ticket season with a players actually laughing a little bits are good at five rob votes are there but you didn't walk off Padilla. Well done he did it regrets that have Barry. Aren't so. That habit of sports and a lot of sort of pickup you might say this one on the field during the Packers and the vikings game and take a look at who delays the game. Let us Wear a little rocky going forward right there that you might have been that back. He's going to the Gator raid Joe Buck. But the man they are. And wow great extension did he get away freight outfit being dragged. Get off. Joba covering it up all there for as. He. Do you get away they did finally nab them but it did create a little bit of the delay had by the way the Packers finally. Who needed that. Streak of luck because they won the game plan to YouTube and credit this world with a squirrel yes that. Probably did a second wave. The sky sunset ways to Justin beavers. Songs. What do you mean you would as a woman who may have topped them from North Korea. But look at her on a lot board cruise around. And then she's saying pretty gracefully look fat he did not keep that we're going to help her answer it yeah. And she can do this on concrete. She makes looks so into uneasiness. Though of opposite she's in the north. Brent North Korea it's time. But recent film that we get the finally they're loosening things up fair but very nice of her just do that OK finally. This is perfectly for you your your pumpkin has arrived your opponent and this is pumpkin pie dessert that was created by photographer out. It is. Pretty cool. It's teachers Italian bearing gay and also a nice press we found somebody who would love this. My heart into that you tell you that Manny if they knew it yet exactly you that prompted blue.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A boy sings the Australian National Anthem before a baseball game while battling through his hiccups!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35367347","title":"Young Boy Sings and Fights Off Hiccups ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-young-boy-sings-fights-off-35367347"}