The Wounded Warrior Project

Founded in 2003, the organization helps injured troops and their families.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for The Wounded Warrior Project
Welcome back everybody while America salutes its veterans today. And there's more we want to give a special thanks to the wounded warrior project -- the most active groups helping veterans today. It was founded by veterans back in 2003. And today it helps tens of thousands of injured troops and their families every year to a variety. Great programs in one project that was -- with the help of wounded warriors. There's a band called warrior spirit and its founder Paul deal us -- joins us and now what Paul plays so much for for being a particularly today he's seen -- a minute ago that today's unnecessarily. An easy day. It's never as veterans day is always very hard you know because -- -- lost a lot of my friends and in Iraq and Afghanistan. And it's it's always a difficult -- you paid a very high personal -- for your time -- -- you medically retired back in 2009. And -- will folks a little bit about some of the many. Injuries she suffered while -- other Barack. And you know when I. PT SB and various other things that -- at least been on my hands on him -- right leg you know those -- things that I I volunteered for. These things that I chose to go in and raise my hand to fight for the freedoms and everybody else you know -- right now and I that's what -- sacrifice -- -- and what's -- interest into his and music's become have a healing forcefully she had this great little doubt there warrior spirit tell folks how that man. Started and why it means so much -- what may have started through what -- -- project had a alumni an event that I went to and they had you know what talent show. And I asked him which accounts along -- -- if you look at what how many musicians I used to play drums. And before that the doctor told me I would never play -- -- because my in your arms as they go moment I'll lose him behind swing him around. And Steve are these CNN founder and we're project and now another person there and and John Roberts claimed he had play in the community is something we'll find yourself -- -- -- the doctors. Well let's say -- -- found the drugs that -- about it but they found -- the last -- 99 up on stage with no music no backing music nothing -- get their play. And what is it what is the healing effect -- to what is it about it that you think. Resonates well for a good example was after I've played another guy get up there and played a guitar with a prosthesis. And once you see some might that inspires U to wanna do some more we'll sat down and we thought we do -- -- -- -- I took the idea and -- -- with -- and and I realize that there's more than just happened just abandon old warriors were actually we can inspire we can help empower the women warriors. Using music as a as a healing tool. -- as he uses all this while for recovery program that's correct yes we have -- recovery summer that came from the band and -- -- -- to empower wounded warriors are music. We have a facility Allen downtown Houston that we just opened up so when -- -- come and -- their -- music can -- teacher and mentor. And on help from you know think about something else other than you know where they've been on the worst stuff but they've been for the session what we're -- -- the country realizes just how much -- -- Sacrifice for the personal price that you pay for -- the freedoms we enjoy here at home size one it. Saddest thing for being here tonight who for what you've done for the country and for how you just. You know. Survived and thrived since a retirement it is your your life story is pretty amazing the words used in -- so on behalf of the country today. Thank you very much thank you very much that's a really appreciate you have me here you know male to talk about it no other veterans -- concede that there is life after disability. And you can find ways to. Help the wounded warriors project support before -- many. Programs out there including -- through what we talked about we'll go to their website and check that out if you wanna get involved you can visit wounded warrior project dot or get a few -- the life. To help -- like. To help your bed until the mission their outfits for the message. How you can go check their web site out as well which is warrior spirit -- band dot com Paula can thank you so much for coming. This must keep up the good working -- very inspiring when necessary message of thanks for sharing it -- much.

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{"id":17696962,"title":"The Wounded Warrior Project","duration":"3:00","description":"Founded in 2003, the organization helps injured troops and their families.","url":"/WNN/video/wounded-warrior-project-17696962","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}