5-Year-Old Boy Is a Future Boxing Champ

This mini Muhammad Ali shows off his punching skills.
2:51 | 07/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 5-Year-Old Boy Is a Future Boxing Champ
Time now for the -- that -- my favorite part we have been. Right now. Here cameras start us off -- a viral video. A five year old box served proving that boxing is in good hands on look at him go this much is. EG. Can't change. Look at him go it's unbelievable he has his own FaceBook page he's just five years old keep in mind. Jabbing away right there the renowned boxing critics Shaquille O'Neal to get out his endorsement. Look at I think now we never got out with acted alone -- good fight he can't there was a radio. When he was three years old was also put online album was pretty popular to -- He will -- -- heavyweight champion of the items somebody what do you yes it's just fifteen more years ago -- I'm so -- played what's the biggest sports did you know during the world cop. There was a change in the US Defense Secretary. At least Wikipedia -- how hurtful could goal keeper putting US soccer team -- more -- than anybody at the World Cup. This -- the Wikipedia page somebody that was funny and -- US Defense Secretary -- Tim Howard. Can you believe it. At some point someone also have started a petition the White House asking that Washington Reagan national airport be changed to Tim -- like that that airport. But he -- secretary of defense some of the -- us in arms about that what you. As you can imagine -- idea. Right. Everybody of course loves a good celebrity impression right one guy took this to a whole new level in there is more video of this. Is rob cancer any place on YouTube. And let's have a listen he's going to us in the much a song that's Randy Newman that. -- -- -- -- And changing his -- news. Wherever. That's my neighbor and amazing 29 famous people and on this particular -- this news. Everyone from Billie Holiday -- Winston funny. Do you see more stuff on its FaceBook page there rob can't tell how. I like -- seven times. -- -- -- The jet planes. -- -- -- are absolute failure. -- -- -- -- -- edited on the YouTube going to look at these thirty different slip and -- that have totally Bob. Approximately nine million people -- -- -- out back here water slide. The Zdeno that they can go horribly wrong don't try this at home don't try this at home they're they try to help you get on YouTube you tell that anything is the fifth. Not very very goes down sliding.

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{"id":24393098,"title":"5-Year-Old Boy Is a Future Boxing Champ","duration":"2:51","description":"This mini Muhammad Ali shows off his punching skills.","url":"/WNN/video/year-boy-future-boxing-champ-24393098","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}